Is It Better for a Fitted Baseball Hat to Be Too Big or Too Small?


Hats are said to be fitted if they are not designed with a mechanism to adjust their sizes at the back. Adjustable hats, on the other hand, have a mechanism to alter their sizes to fit correctly. Most people prefer adjustable hats because they can be fine-tuned to fit the head loosely or tightly while engaging in different activities. Most teams and leagues prefer fitted hats because of their elegant, excellent, and clean looks. Besides leagues, fitted hats are fancied by celebrities because of their urban looks and quality appearances.

The question of whether it is better for a fitted baseball hat to be too big or too small is debatable because neither of them is comfortable to play with. Baseball hats that are too big tend to fall off the head while playing while those that are too small are uncomfortable to play with. This article will address some of the techniques that can be implemented to make baseball hats that are too big or too small fit well.

Making Hats That Are Too Small Fit

1. Using a Hat Stretcher

A hat stretcher can be used to stretch New Era fitted hats to the desired sizes. Hat stretchers are used to extend the dimensions of hats by pushing their materials using sheer force. You should be cautious when stretching a hat using a hat stretcher because excess stretching can damage the material of the hat. Squeeze the stretcher in the hat and allow it to remain in this condition overnight. In the morning, the cap will have stretched and should fit your head comfortably.

2. Taking a Hot Shower with the Small Hat On

Wear the small hat and take a warm shower with it on. After the shower, retain the hat on your head for several hours until it dries. The warm water penetrates the fabric of the hat, causing it to stretch and extend. Maintaining the hat on your head causes it to conform to the shape of your head.

3. Stretching Using a Soccer Ball

Another effective method of stretching a small hat is by using it to cover a football. Spray the hat with water until it is all wet and wrap it around a football. Leave the hat in this condition for several hours. Using a blow dryer, spray medium hot air around the ball until it dries completely. The hat should slip off the ball freely, and it should fit your head perfectly.

4. Stretching Using Steam

Boil water in a kettle and allow the hat to be hit by the steam for some few minutes until it is all wet. Using a dryer, blow hot air around the hat until the hat is comfortable to wear. Wear the wet hat for some time until it dries completely. As the hat dries, it will assume the shape of your head.

5. Stretching Using Your hands

The above method can be used to stretch a small hat that is needed to extend with a small margin. Place the small hat over your knees and pull firmly. Repeat this process severally until you obtain the desired size.

Making Hats That are Too Big Fit

Hats that are too big can be made smaller by using any of the following methods:

  1. By taking the hat to a specialist who will replace the band of the hat with a smaller and fitting band.
  2. By steaming the hat then drying it with a hairdryer. The process will cause the fabric of the hat to shrink, reducing the overall size of the hat.

In summary, it is essential to understand the different methods that can be used to stretch New Era fitted hats that are too small and shrink those that are too big. However, whether it is better for a fitted baseball hat to be too big or too small remains debatable.

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