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The Target Corporation, simplified to Target, is a nationwide retail chain founded more than a century ago. The company deals in almost every retail product known to humankind, right from beauty and jewelry to games and pet supplies. Its revenue is nearly a hundred billion US dollars at the moment, and it continues to grow as we speak! Its employee number keeps growing by the year too, and it sits pretty at over 409,000 in 2021. However, despite its ever-growing popularity, Target values its customers the most.

Hence, the company has come up with a unique opportunity for its customers with the InformTarget.com survey. This opportunity hands over the power to the public, letting you choose how their outlets should function. Let us take a deeper look at this out-of-the-box survey.

As the name of the survey suggests, you only need to inform the company about your concerns and suggestions during your visit to the store. Did you find any product missing from the racks? Were any of the items past their expiry date? Was your interaction with the employees pleasant and satisfactory? Were the premises spick and span? If your visit was quite good, then you may leave positive feedback, but don’t hesitate to leave a negative one if it wasn’t good.

The written feedback won’t be in your answers to the questions, since the entire questionnaire has multiple-choice answers. Thus, the InformTarget survey questions will be more on the lines of, “Rate the cleanliness of the store” or something like that. Your answers won’t affect your chances of winning the prize. But dishonest feedback will definitely be rejected.

Why InformTarget.com Customer Satisfaction Survey

Now that you know the kind of questions and other details that the survey will contain, let us find out the reasons why you should take it. The major one has to be the prize. After all, $1500 isn’t a small amount. Plus, you have a very high chance to win a $25 prize instantly after submitting the survey. You can win this prize daily as long as you have a unique receipt each day. The $1500 prize is monthly.

Additionally, you don’t need to do much to win these exciting prizes. Just visit the Target store, look around a bit and purchase anything you want, get the receipt from the cashier, and gain entry into the www.InformTarget.com survey. And the survey itself can be finished in about two minutes! Thus, a few minutes spent leaving feedback for the store will give you chances to win either $25 or a whopping $1500!

Furthermore, once you leave your feedback, it will be carefully considered by the higher-ups in the management group of Target. They won’t take your suggestions and negative feedback lightly. Instead, they will take action to convert your negative answers into positive ones the next time around. This proves to be another major benefit for the participating customer.

How to Win $1500 in InformTarget Survey?

Like any other survey, there are a set of rules for this one too.

Target survey

Survey Requirements

  • While Target stores may be located in several parts of the world, only US residents are eligible to participate in this survey, of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.
  • You should be at least 18 years of age to enter the official InformTarget.com website.
  • You must have basic knowledge of reading and writing in either English or Spanish.
  • A computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone is required to access the online survey. There is no phone or snail mail option.
  • You are required to make a valid purchase from a US-based Target store to enter the survey portal. A receipt is mandatory.
  • Your personal details like email ID and residential address will be required to enter the $1500 draw.

Survey Restrictions

  • Definite restrictions are laid on the employees or associates of Target from participating in the survey. That is just to avoid getting any biased reviews in the mix. Their immediate family isn’t allowed to participate either.
  • The InformTarget survey cannot be taken more than once during a survey period of one month by any customer. But if you have multiple Target receipts during the period, then you can request your family or relatives to take the survey.
  • Please note that the prize cannot be transferred to someone else. Thus, if you have asked your relative to take the survey on your receipt, then only that relative can benefit from the prize win since their personal details will be present in the survey form.
  • The Target receipt won’t be valid post 7 days from the date of issue.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Follow this link – www.InformTarget.com survey – to access the main homepage.
  2. There, you will be first asked to choose your preferred language between English and Spanish.
  3. Pull out your Target receipt and check the bottom. You will find your unique User ID and Password printed there. Enter those details in the relevant boxes and hit the Next button that gets highlighted.
  4. At this point, the survey questions will be loaded, starting off with your personal ratings on several possible anomalies during the visit.
  5. The rating questions will be followed by a few multiple-choice ones, where again you only need to select the appropriate option according to your visit.
  6. Finally, enter your personal details and submit the InformTarget.com survey. You may need to wait for a few days for the winners to be announced.

About Target

The roots of Target stretch back to 1902 when George Dayton founded Goodfellow Dry Goods. The name of the company was changed quite a few times over the years, right from Dayton Company in 1910 to Dayton-Hudson Corporation in 1969. They finally settled on the current name, Target Corporation, in 2000.
Despite being a well-established company, exceptionally popular among the masses, Target aspires to improve its services even more. Help them do so by leaving your feedback in the www.InformTarget.com survey and stand a chance to win the grand prize of $1500.

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