Kumesen Awamori Factory

Kumesen Factory

Kumejima’s Kumesen is one of Okinawa’s most popular brands of Awamori. One of the most important ingredients in any Japanese sake is the water with which the brew is made. Kume Island’s unique geology provides ample pure, delicious water for the brewery.

The Kumesen factory is located high up in the mountains on the north side of the island. There, the brewery has good access to the coveted water used to make the many kinds of Kumesen.

Kumesen Factory Front

The factory is open to tours and tastings. Simply show up and a tour guide will show you around. If you come during a weekend, things may be quieter than during the week. The small building pictured to the left of the factory is where you can go to find a tourguide, purchase awamori, or learn more about the process of making awamori. The guide and instructions are in Japanese.

Kumesen Factory

Storage barrels full of aging awamori.

Kumesen Factory

A lone jar awaits at the entry gate.