Sea-side Park Golf


Seaside park golf

Completed in 2013, the Kume Island Seaside Park Golf area provides a beautiful new recreation facility for locals and visitors to enjoy throughout the year. It is located in the Gima Area along the southern shore. Park golf is a cross between croquette and putter-only golfing. A single club is used with an oversized ball. The short fairway are short grass and lead to carefully manicured greens with built in holes. Unlike putting courses, they do not include challenges or obstales.

The Kume Island sea-side park golf area has been carefully designed with several resting areas, beautiful flowers, and scenic beauty. Its a great way to spend an afternoon.


Park Map

The Park Golf area opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 5:30 (April through September) or at 5:00 (October through March). Play ends an hour before the office closes.

The park is closed every Tuesday.

There are 36 holes available for play on the park golf grounds arranged in four 9 hole courses. The courses are named for famous Kume Island locations: Miifuga, Garasaa Mountain, Tachijami, and Hateno Beach. Shoes, clubs and golf balls are available for rent.

There are restrooms and vending machines at the Park golf Building.



Park Flower

Access to the Park Golf area is from the main road 89. Heading west from the center of the island along the south 89 road, turn left at first major turn after leaving the Yamagusuku area. There once you turn you should see signs pointing to the Ara Beach and Ara Forest Path. Curve to the right, following the road south. You’ll pass a post office and a police station will mark an intersection. Instead of following the red road curve, go straight through the residential area. At the end, turn right and follow the ocean road to the large parking area.


Single play use

Age18 hole36 hole
Locals300 yen500 yen
Locals 65+, Children150 yen250 yen
Visitors500 yen900 yen
Visiting Children250 yen450 yen

**Children are junior high and below**

Shoe rental: 200 yen

Club Set: 100 yen

Day Pass: 1000 yen

Please be aware that times and fees are subject to change. Please call to confirm access during incliment weather.


  • Phone: 098-987-0086
  • Fax: 098-987-0589



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