Kume Island Medical Facilities

With an island population of more than 8,500 people, Kumejima is equiped to handle most major medical emergencies, and is only a few minutes from the mainland by helicopter for those few times when transport is required. There are two medical facilities with several smaller heath service buildings such as dentists and glasses shops

Kume Island Hospital

Kume Island Hospital

Kume Island has one major hospital located in the center of the island, right next to the Museum in the Kanegusuku Area, north of the main road. This is the primary hospital (byoin) on the island. This is where one should go if there is an emergency situation.

In addition to the hospital, there is a clinic in the Higa Area along the main road. In the same location there is a glasses shop and pharmacy. This location is for those needing non-emergency care and diagnosis.

Drug Stores

For those looking for over-the-counter medication, health supplements, or other medical related equipment there is a small store next to the Neha Home Store and accross from the JA Coop in the Higa Area on the main road. There is another store in the Kanegusuku Area near Torishima Port.

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