Ajima Pavilion


Ajima Pavilion East

The Ajima Pavilion is a large building in the Kanegusuku Area just south of the main road 89 and before the intersection with the north 242 road. The building is styled after a traditional Okinawan house, though it is much larger. Inside you’ll find the Kume Island Tourism Center (jp).

In addition to holding the offices of the Kume Island tourist center, there are maps, guidebooks, and other items available free of charge to help you explore the island. Unfortunately, they are almost all in Japanese right now. Still, if you have questions it’s a good place to stop.

Ajima Pavilion East

Island School

The Ajima Pavilion hosts Kume Island’s Island School. Its a way for tourists to experience some of the local culture and traditoions of the islands under the guidance of local experts. There are many opportunities, though most of the guides speak only Japanese. More information coming soon.

Clothing Shop

Ajima Pavilion Interior

Looking for one of Okianwa’s traditional formal shirts? Stop by the Ajima Pavilion to get your hands on a Kariyushi shirt. Exclusive to Kume Island is the traditional tsumugi patterns available here. While they aren’t silk or hand-woven as you’ll find at the Tsumugi Pavilion, they are quite beautiful and affordable for men and women.

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Ajima Pavilion Sign