Deep Sea Water Visitor’s Center


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Next to the Deep Sea Water Research Institute is the Fureai-kan or Visitor Center. Though the building is small it features the many products made on Kume Island using Deep Sea Water. The center is part store, part restaurant, and part museum.


The Visitor Center is open daily from 11:00 to 5:00 but is closed on Tuesdays. Drinks are served throughout the day and it is possible to order Japanese-style curry made with deep-sea water as well. From noon to about 12:30 on Monday through Friday the Tourism center offers make-your-own bento lunches, with the cost based on weight. If you’re hungry and looking for something good to eat stop by to try something different each day. Soup and tea are included.

The Tourism center has information available on the nearby Research Institute which is closed to the public except by appointment. It also has some live creatures in aquariums and a wide selection of cosmetics and other souvenirs unique to Kume Island. You can also order Sea Grapes from the Tourism Center.


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