Sea Grapes

Sea Grapes


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Kume Island Sea Grapes have the highest market share in all of Japan. A local Okinawan sea plant, Sea Grapes are similar to small caviar-like balls that grow along a short stalk. Eaten raw and often with a sauce they’re a dilicious addition to many meals.

What makes Kume Island’s Sea Grapes special is their ability to utilize Deep Sea Water to control the temperature for perfect Sea Grape growth. Controlling the temperature of the water allows the Kume Island Deep Sea Water Development Company to grow perfect Sea Grapes all year round.

The Sea Grape (Caulerpa lentillifera) farms are located in the Maja Area in the Buisness Park next to the Deep Sea Water Research Institute. Tours are available by appointment. You can order from their website(jp) or at the local Deep Sea Water Tourism Center.