Deep Sea Water Industries

Bottled Water

Discover all the unique items made with Deep Sea Water on Kume Island! A quarter of Kume Island's yearly income is from Deep Sea Water related activities. This natural resource offers much to locals and to visitors. Explore below!

  • Bade HausBade Haus

    Bade Haus is a local spa and pool that uses 100% deep sea water to provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Explore the mineral rich waters in the soothing pools.

  • Kuruma PrawnsKuruma Prawns

    Kuruma Prawns are the prized shrimp sold live throughout Japan from Kume Island. Four prawn farms and the Okinawa Prawn Hatchery grow Kume Island Kuruma Prawns.

  • Ocean Thermal Energy ConversionOTEC

    Kume Island hosts the world's only operational Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Demonstration Facility. Visitors are welcome to come and explore how power can be drawn from the ocean. Make an appointment via their website!

  • Point PyuruPoint Pyuru

    Kume Island's Point Pyuru is a cosmetics company specializing in products created from deep sea water. It produces both its own brands and operates as an OEM producer.

  • Sea GrapesSea Grapes

    Sea Grapes, also known as Umi Budo are a high-end sea plant that is popular in Okinawa and surrounding countries. Sea Grapes depend on temperature controlled production which is provided by deep sea water.

  • Tourism CenterTourism Center

    The Fureai-kan or Tourism center is located next to the Deep Sea Research Institute. It is the best place to get gifts or souvenirs of products and food made with deep sea water.

  • Water and SaltWater and Salt

    Water, Salt, and Nigari can be made from Deep Sea Water. Two companies on Kume Island create high mineral sea salt.