How to Track Husband’s Cell Phone Without Letting Him Know?

Track Husband's Cell Phone

Did you know that the production of spy devices for cheating spouses is increasing? Perhaps it’s because of the increasing number of women who want to keep track of their husbands’ cell phones. Some women are having a hard time finding out if their husband is cheating on them. Good thing experts have developed these “spy devices”. 

With the technology today, it is easier to trail your spouse. Monitoring his phone is one way to know if your husband is cheating on you. You can find it out in his messages or by tracking his phone location.

Here are tips on how to track your husband’s cell phone without getting caught.

Track Your Husband’s Phone Location Using a Spyware

If you search online for a phone tracking app, you will find thousands of them. However, not all apps can track the phone effectively. Many of them claim to be working, but in reality, they are not. You don’t need to hire an expert to use the app. The only thing you need is to learn how to install it from the Internet.

Search for websites that offer particular spyware for tracking. These services are anonymous, free, easy to use, and safe. Track your spouses without getting caught within a few seconds. This is the simplest way to track him. But, you can opt for other spyware if you can afford the more advanced solutions.

Use Spy Application

Another option is to download an application from Google store or AppStore. This is the safest way if you are using a spy app. If you install an app from the Internet, there are lots of risks. First, someone might get access to your husband’s phone, not only you. So, if you send him the credit card’s CVV protection code, someone might use it.

Be careful, as there are lots of scammers out there. Use only trusted sites when downloading the app. To determine if it is a reliable app, check if it requires jailbreak for iOS or Android. If it does, stay away from it.

Also, be careful about free services. They might be doing something illegal to finance their site. Make sure to do some research about the spy app before buying it. Check the reviews, ratings, and what the experts recommend.

Using Cloud Storage

You can spy on your husband’s cell phone without touching it using cloud storage. However, you can only do this if his cell phone is an iPhone. This type of mobile phone uses cloud storage known as iCloud to save data, including messages, call history, web history, and others. Cloud storage protects vital information in case you lose your phone.

You can access this service to retrieve the data from your husband’s cell phone. To read the messages, you need to use trusted spy services and access his iCloud account.

If your husband is using an Android smartphone, you can access the data you need from a computer. You can only do this if you can access his Google account and use the same account on his phone.


Spying on your husband’s cell phone without getting caught is possible if you have access to his iCloud account if he uses iPhone and on his Google account if he has an Android smartphone. With the various spy devices for cheating spouses available in the market today, checking on your husband’s illicit affair is easy.

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