How to Choose the Best Printer for Your Small Business

Printer for Your Small Business

Printers can be an integral tool in ensuring increased productivity in your business. Whether you are leasing or buying a printer for your business, there are critical factors one needs to consider. Many printer models are available with complex technical specifications and features that can make shopping for the units overwhelming. Also, considering factors such as the consumption of ink cartridges can help you estimate your running costs in the long term. However, one can quickly get a suitable unit for their business by doing a little research, saving money over time. Here are tips on choosing the best printer for your small business.

What Are Your Needs?

It would be best to have a printer that can keep up with the daily office workflow. Choose a multifunction printer if your business relies on significant printing needs alongside other basics. For high-volume production of documents, a laser printer is an excellent choice. However, an inkjet printer is more suitable for producing high-quality photos, printing various papers and large documents.

Size of the Printer

Size matters. You don’t want to buy a printer that can rarely fit in your office space. Start to think about your installation space and how the location and size will affect productivity before starting your shopping spree. For instance, a large printer in a small office could mean placing it in an inconvenient area that could negatively affect the work environment. In such a case, inkjet and laser printers would be best as they come in compact sizes that accommodate small office spaces.

Do You Want a Single Function or a Multifunction Unit?

Today printers do more than they did in the past. One can connect their printer wirelessly, scan, copy, send emails, print, and other office necessities. You can access all these in a single unit with a multifunction printer. Multifunctional printers are an economical way to improve productivity and save space around your office. They come with USB slots and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to access other networks easily. However, these printers cost more and may not be necessary if your office doesn’t deal with a lot of paper or printing activities. 

Print Speed

It can be frustrating to wait for your printer to finish the job. Selecting a printer that can meet your needs is essential, especially if several employees use it. While shopping for printers, you will find pages per minute listed in the specifications of every model you will be looking at. Generally, laser printers will work twice the speed that inkjet printers do. 

What Are the Upfront Cost, Maintenance, and Replacement Costs?

Several factors, such as size, functionality, and model, can affect the cost of a printer. A multifunction printer will cost more compared to a single-function printer. While going for the cheaper option when paying upfront may be tempting, consider the long-term costs. You may end up spending more on things such as cartridge replacements, energy consumption, and maintenance.


The first step in selecting the best printer for your business is researching the available models on the market. List each of them down, and weigh the pros and cons of each model using your business perspective and needs.

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