How Celebs and Influencers Get Social Media Followers

How Celebs and Influencers Get Social Media Followers

Becoming big on social media doesn’t come easily. Do you ever wonder how all those stars and influencers reach millions of followers and what their secret to success is? You can now follow the steps of celebs and influencers, grow your follower count and monetize your brand through platforms like FameLink. The tactics below aren’t hacks or a fast-forward option to fame; however, they can pave the way to building a real, authentic audience.

Create a Community

The secret of many influencers and celebrities is creating faithful communities that will follow them wherever they go and bring in new followers. Although an underestimated tactic, interacting with followers while including CTAs can work wonders for your brand. Commenting, sharing, posting, and being active will deepen your connection with existing followers and help a new audience discover you.


Influencers and celebrities make sure that their content is seen on various platforms. Cross-promotion means exposing videos, photos, music, streams to new audiences constantly. Therefore, building a platform and a recognizable brand is much more than just being present on Instagram or Facebook. If you want to become big, invest your time using other networks, including YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, blog, website, etc. Do what other digital creators do and include your handles so that potential followers can easily find you on other networks.

Invest in a Secure Service

Cross-promotion on various social platforms can have a positive impact on growing your brand. However, you can note even more significant growth if you invest in a secure platform that will also monetize your brand. Thanks to these websites, celebrities and content creators interact with their subscribers through various content types such as messages, videos, live streams. You can even decide which content will be free, and put up a paywall for exclusive content. 

Utilize The Latest Features

Social media platforms put in a lot of effort to promote the new features they release. And you can already guess that all the top celebrities and influencers are the first to test these features and get the most out of them. A great example is Instagram’s latest feature, Reels. The short, witty, eye-catching, mind-grabbing videos are constantly promoted and presented to broad audiences so that the creators can gain numerous followers within days.

Collaborations & Sponsorships

Collaborations and sponsorships get new followers, and that’s a fact! Top influencers partner with each other on all sorts of content, especially video. This is how they also promote their content in front of a brand new audience that is likely to interact and press the follow button.

Building partnerships and sponsorships with brands introduce influencers to the brands’ followers. As a result, both sides enjoy the benefits, while celebs and content creators become even more trustworthy in the eyes of their followers.

Growing an audience can be quite challenging! So, how do big stars and content creators make it look so effortless? Their strategies focus on creating a faithful community, cross-promotion, utilizing the latest features, collaborations, and sponsorships. In addition, make-up artists, fitness professionals, celebs, actors, models, and many other aspiring digital creators often use trusted services that help them connect with other influencers, gain new followers, and monetize their content

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