Culture Center and Museum

Signs near the Museum

The Kume Island Nature and Cultural Center was completed in June 2000 near the ruins of Ishikinawa Castle. The center is an expansive complex with
museum, special exhibition room, auditorium, lounge and library.

Museum in Kume Island

Museum Exhibit Entrance

The main portion of the cultural center is a museum figureided into three sections. From the entrance you’ll walk through the Nature of Kumejima to Changes Over Time. From there you’ll explore Kumejima’s Heritage and end in Island Life. Throughout are exhibits, diorama, and myriad examples of Kume Island history.

While most of the exhibits are in Japanese, there is a bilingual English/Japanese pamphlet available and the many pictures, artifacts, and models provide an interesting experience even if you do not understand Japanese. The staff will also attempt to answer your questions in Japanese and some English.

Items in the  Museum

Other Facilities

In addition to the main exhibits in the Museum, there is often a unique experience waiting in the special exhibition room. The library is open to all for study, research and reading for free.

The lounge serves as an open area to relax and enjoy Kumejima’s tranquil life. It is also the location for the annual Tsumugi Kimono Fashion show that takes place in concurrence with the Sakura Festival at Daruma Mountain Park.

More Information

  • Open: 9:00-17:00 last entry at 16:30
  • Closed: Mondays, Public Holidays, 29 Dec. – 1 Jan
  • Entry Fee: 200yen Adult, 150yen high school, 100yen elementary and junior high. There is a group discount for parties over 20.
  • Contact: 098-896-7181
  • Notices:
  • Photography is limited to those with permission.
  • Please do not eat or drink in the Museum.
  • Access:
  • 2 minutes by foot from Kumejima Hospital Bus Stop
  • Parking Available
  • Taxi – ask for “hako butsu kan” ie “hako butsu kan onegaishimasu.”

More Photos

Signs near the Museum
Boat Exhibit
An old toilet