Good Examples of Impressive Healthcare Website Design

Healthcare Website Design

Undoubtedly, having a quality website if you’re in the healthcare field is essential. The majority of patients start by searching for medical information on professional medical websites even before visiting a doctor or a drugstore. According to data from research done by Google, 5% of all searches made on Google are health-related.

Unfortunately, most healthcare professionals struggle to come up with a well-designed website that is not only user-friendly but also aesthetically pleasing. If you’re one such healthcare administrator wondering how to develop a helpful and smart website, we’re here to help. The below are examples of great healthcare websites that can be a wonderful source of the inspiration you need to get started. Also, if you needed a medical billing services for your medical business, check out this site.

1. Northwestern Medicine

Northwestern Medicine, formally known as Northwestern Memorial Healthcare, is a medical facility affiliated with Northwestern University. The facility that has 665 locations may not have the fanciest website in the medical world, but we love the user-friendliness of its site.

Unlike many healthcare websites, the Northwestern site isn’t intimidating. The hospital focuses on the use of a simple but effective design. The simple boxes and icons on the site’s homepage are perfect as they don’t baggage users with huge chunks of text to read. We also love that this hospital’s CTAs are so straightforward.

2. Regional One Health

Very few healthcare sites showcase their story using engaging videos as well as Regional One Health. This hospital is a renowned healthcare facility based in Memphis, Tennessee. This facility’s site uses video storytelling to uniquely captivate its audience.

The videos are compelling and fresh, keeping the viewers engaged. The unique use of videos also makes this site’s navigation process enjoyable.

3. Children Hospital of Colorado

Children Hospital of Colorado is a leading pediatric facility dedicated to improving children’s health in Colorado and beyond. This healthcare site uses videos and pictures of real children to show the positive impact of its work. This site is not only uplifting but colorful too.

The simple design that the hospital uses also makes it easy to find everything that one needs on the homepage. From making appointments, finding a doctor, paying bills online, and finding a location, patients can find all the information they need on one page.

4. Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is known as a top medical center globally. The clinic features on this list due to its effectiveness in providing medical information to its clients. In fact, the website is named as the top health information website by EquiTrend.

On this healthcare’s homepage, you can access an extensive guide on just any disease or condition you search for using the alphabetical listing provided on the page. Besides, you can also use the clinic’s symptom checker to determine what you may be ailing from. All the information you get from this site is provided by experts, making the site a trusted source of medical information.

In addition, all the primary services that this medical facility offers are also provided on the homepage using large visible icons. Not to mention that Mayo Clinic also has a robust online following on its social media platforms.

5. Mercy Health

The Mercy Health website does a great job of using imagery and color to give its users an exceptional experience. The beautiful and dynamic photos on the site make users feel right at home while also creating a sense of optimism.

We love that the hospital chose to use deep, unique colors such as vibrant green, positive yellow, and calm blue on its homepage. The combinations of these colors serve to promote a feeling of well-being.

In closing, a well-designed website is a must-have if you’re a healthcare provider that aspires to give the best to your patients. A good site helps you attract and retain clients while also making it easy for your patients to find the information they need on their medical and health conditions.  Hopefully, now you have the perfect inspiration to improve or launch your healthcare website.

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