Fort Lauderdale Travel Guide

Fort Lauderdale Travel Guide

If you’re on the hunt for less-crowded Instagram-worthy places where you can unwind, Fort Lauderdale, located in the north of Miami, will be your best bet. It gives serious competition to Miami with its lush green palm trees, bright sun, white sand beaches, and intensively reflective sea. It is gradually becoming the most favorite spot for local and foreign tourists, and is also well-known by its nickname, “Venice of America ” because of its beautifully paved canals and waterways. The best hotels in Fort Lauderdale for tourists range depending on their preference although most of them feature private beaches, fine dining, and soothing spas. Also, you can find more than just the best hotel-booking tips for money-saving yet luxurious deals for yourself by visiting

To make the best out of your trip to Fort Lauderdale, this travel guide will make sure you come back home with lots of fun-filled and exciting memories.

The Best Time to Visit

Fort Lauderdale is warm throughout the year, however, the best month to visit is from December to April as it maintains pleasantly warm weather with 25 to 27-degree Celsius temperature. The rest of the months are extra warm, rainy, and susceptible to hurricanes.

Must-Visit Places

Although there are plenty of terrific beaches to take a stroll along and lively parks to inhale fresh air and exhale all your worries, we have listed a few of our most favorite places to visit in Fort Lauderdale that you won’t regret.

  • Las Olas Beach – The pedestrian way right along the beach mostly covered with thick and tall palm trees marks for a delightful and memorable walk while having a view of glittering shops on the other side of the beach. The commercial area features boutiques and art galleries that allow you to window shop and get some art inspiration simultaneously. You can even find popular pubs and bars nearby the beach for endless fun.
  • Fort Lauderdale Beach Park – If you want to soak in some beach vibes with beach activities, this place is a must to visit. It is located on the southern side of Las Olas Beach and you can play beach volleyball here among other beach sports. Or you can go the simpler way, that is to loathe your skin with sunblock and get a glowing tan with a lovely sea view and cool palm trees to look over.
  • Hugh Taylor Birch State Park – Located in the heart of the city, you can never get enough of nature and wildlife offered in this park. It is home to hawks, rabbits, butterflies, and tortoises with lush green wide-stretched old trees. If you’d like to get the fairytale vibes, this place is for you.

What to Eat

Fort Lauderdale is never short of a fusion of different cuisines ranging from Italian and Mediterranean to Argentinian. You can get the best meals in the restaurants and cafes at an affordable price as compared to the over-priced touristy areas and a tremendous view as a complementary. However, you can also find luxurious restaurants for fine dining in the Las Olas area. Additionally, you can try these:

  • For Italian food – La Dolce Vita
  • For Mexican and Spanish food – Jalisco
  • For local experience – Laffing Matterz
  • For yummy sandwiches and fries – Primanti Brothers

How to Travel Around

You can use taxis and water taxis to travel around the city, but they can be quite expensive. You can instead get a rental car from the airport or from a rental car outlet to explore the beautiful areas independently at an affordable price.

Trolleybuses are also a cheaper way to travel around the downtown, beach, and Convention Center districts.

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