One of the great things about small communities are the many family owned stores. Each new place you visit will have a new mix of daily neccesities and things you’ve never seen before. We’ll be bringing you more on the many stores soon.

Eef Beach Area

Oroshi Supermarket

A family shop with an interesting mix of local and foreing goods. There is a large freezer and omiyage section.

CoCo Convinience Store

One of two convinience stores is located just a few hundred feet from Eef Beach.

Higa Area

Oyatsumura Gifts

Oyatsumura is a small family run shop specializing in omiyage and hand made Okinawan black sugar candy.

Hiyajo Area

Matsudo Shop

Matsudo Sho is a small shop built next to the Hiyajo Overlook. They sell omiyage, drinks, and snacks.

Kanegusuku Area

Ajima Pavilion Shop

There is a small shop in the Ajima Pavilion that sells traditional Okinawan shirts with tsumugi and other patterns.

Minato Terminal Shop

There is a small shop in the Ferry Terminal Building with unique handmade souvenirs, the usual food items and drinks.

Ohara Area

Five-Root Tree Shop

Next to the Goedano Matsu parking area is a small shop with cheap souvinirs, drinks, and snacks for those visiting the amazing tree.