Yanguwa Restaurant

Yansho Restaurant

Yanguwa is a small restaurant located in the Torishima Area. Most of the day it is a traditional Okinawan house, where the owners still live, yet from 12 to 3 it operates as a restaurant with some of the best traditional food on the island. Since the restaurant operates for such a limited time, it is usally quite busy.

Yansho Soba

Yanguwa specializes in soba and is known for the delicious smoky flaovr of the pork it serves. In addition to the Island Soba (shima soba) on the left, there is rib meat soba (soki soba) and other local dishes for your enjoyment.

The restaurant is located just south of the intersection of the 89 and 242 between the Gushikawa and Torishima Areas. There is a signal at that intersection.