Eef Pizza Dining Moana


Moana Pizza

Moana is a new Italian inspired pizza restaurant in the Eef Beach Area, located just next to the Eef Beach Hotel parking lot and behind the Amidabar Hair Salon along the main road. Although new, the restaurant has a large dining space in both tables and tatami, plus a bar area. There is also a private room with karaoke available for groups of five to ten people.

The food is reasonably priced and the pizza is some of the most authentic I’ve had in Japan. The pie tends to be thin but not crunchy with chewy crust that isn’t too thick. It’s based of the margherita style or similar to a NY but with smaller size (though the size is large for Japan). Highly recommended, though there may not be an English menu yet.

This is the interior bar seating, check the gallery below for more of the restaurant and food.

The menu includes 5 pizzas (Margherita, Shrimp and Garlic, Carbonerra, Fried Taco, and Dessert). In addition to pizza, there are 3 pastas, and a variety of appetizers. The drink selection is quite large and includes wines, beer, cocktails, and soft drinks.

  • Hours: 18:00 to 24:00 Daily, Closed Sunday
  • Phone/Fax:098-985-8588