Arizona Cafe

Arizona Cafe is a small restaurant located along the main road circling Kumejima. The hours vary widely by season, but if you catch them while they are open you can enjoy a great range of burgers, drinks, and other food at a reasonable price.

Back Area Seating

There are three seating areas in the cafe, including a small area in the front, two bench tables outside and a larger secluded seating area in the back.

The restaurant is located on the north side of the main road just a few meters from the intersection where the local board of education and CoCo Convinience store are located. The name does not come from Arizona State, but instead is a play on the local river. Ari River spoken quickly became Arizona. Though the name is not, much of the food is American Style.

Inside the restaurant you’ll find a retro decor from the music-loving owners and a large menu. I highly suggest the burgers and garlic fries.

Arizona Cafe