First Time Flying Tips: How to Calm Your Nerves?

First Time Flying

Whether you’re about to board a flight to visit your loved ones or you want to explore the hidden gems of the world, flying for the first time may seem like an overwhelming and anxious experience to some. However, most people try to calm their plane anxiety using different ways. For instance, if your seat has an outlet, a portable shiatsu neck massager with heat and 3D rotation from can help you loosen up your tight muscles from stress and help you feel better during a flight.

If you’re interested in knowing more tips that can allow you to calm your nerves during a flight, keep reading this article!

Arrive at the Airport Early

Although this tip may seem super basic to you, it helps you drastically to stay calm.

It’s essential to arrive at the airport 3 hours before boarding on an international flight and 2 hours for a local flight. This will allow you to stay prepared with all the flight requirements without feeling rushed.

If any problem arises, you will have enough time to solve it and board on the plane.

Read a Book

Books will be your best friend when you’re about to take off. You should pick any favorite book of yours and bring it along with you on the flight.

It will shift your attention from the anxious and pessimistic thoughts, and you will reach your destination in a breeze.   

Listen to a Podcast or Calming Music

Whether you’re a podcast person or a music person, you can download your favorite playlists on your smartphone and listen to them while you are on a flight. This will allow you to muffle the plane noises that may make you feel frightened.

You can also download certain apps that feature guided meditation to help you alleviate feelings of anxiety.

Book Your Seat Wisely

You may be given the option to book your seat either before you board the flight or when you are purchasing your ticket. This is the time to select the seats wisely.

For instance, if you feel nervous while sitting on the aisle seat, you should opt for the window seat while booking.

Choosing a seat near the exit can give you feelings of security to some extent. It’s also important to keep in mind that if turbulence makes you extremely anxious, you should opt for a seat on the wing rather than in the back.

Avoid Caffeinated Drinks

Soda drinks, coffee, and energy drinks can make you feel more restless and make it harder for you to sleep on a long-haul flight.

Sleeplessness and tiredness can aggravate the symptoms of anxiety as well. Therefore, you should only drink water before and during flight too.

The closed plane cabins can make the air dry, and water can help you stay hydrated and feel better about yourself while traveling.

Read the Safety Instructions Carefully

If you’re well aware of the safety instructions, you will know what to do in the worst-case scenario, and this will help you feel at ease.

Hence, you should read the safety instruction manual when it’s handed to you in a plane, and you should also pay attention to the instructions of the flight attendant to help you stay prepared.

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