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GAP is one of the largest clothing brands and the biggest specialty retailer in the US. It also sits snugly in the third position in worldwide rankings! The company primarily deals in apparel and accessories of all kinds, and you can also find a personal care section or two in their store. Apart from their in-house brand, GAP stocks a few other brands of clothing like Old Navy, Athleta, and Banana Republic. GAP is popularly known to produce the most stylish and trendy attire for people from all generations.

Do you absolutely love GAP products but find them too expensive? Then we have the perfect solution for you – the GAP outlet feedback survey! It is a simple survey questionnaire where you can win exciting coupons and use them to get great discounts on your future purchases!

Many GAP outlets have greatly suffered huge setbacks during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. A few of those have also been forced to permanently close their shutters. Thankfully, as the vaccination procedure is on the rise, GAP has slowly started opening all their stores. And in an attempt to regain their footing, they have kick-started their feedback campaign.

The main goal of this GAP outlet feedback campaign is to ensure that each and every one of their stores is providing quality service to customers. Thus, if you have visited a GAP factory outlet in the past few days and have found their services to be below-par, then you can register your complaint via their official company survey.

Why GAP Outlet Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey?

The answer to the question is quite straightforward – to improve the customer service of GAP factory stores. And one of the many benefits that you, as a customer, will receive upon doing it will be that you will experience excellent service from their end so that you shop in peace! Additionally, you don’t need to find anything negative during your visit to GAP to take the survey at You can give them top ratings if everything at the store was in order, so that they could continue to provide you with equally great service in the future!

Furthermore, it’s not like you need to observe every little anomaly during your visit, like a tiny scrap of paper lying on the ground in a corner aisle when the rest of the store is spick and span. It would be great if you do notice such things, but they are only expecting a general review about their outlets. So, there will be barely any effort involved on your part! 

GAP outlet feedback

And the best part lies in the GAP factory survey reward. For every questionnaire that you fill, you will get a unique GAP validation/coupon code that you can use on your next visit to receive a discount on your bill or a cool freebie!

How to Win GAP Factory Coupon in Survey?

It is a simple process of filling up the survey and winning the coupon. But there are a few requirements to be adhered to.

Survey Requirements

  • Anyone can take the survey as long as they are above 18 years of age and reside in the state where a GAP Factory store is present. The GAP outlet feedback cannot be left in the questionnaire by anyone else if their region doesn’t have a GAP store.
  • You should be well-versed in any of the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Japanese. They may add a few more languages in the near future.
  • Since the survey can only be taken online, you must have a smartphone or a computer with internet or Wi-Fi.
  • Proof of purchase at any GAP store is mandatory (a recent receipt will do).

Survey Restrictions

  • If you work at any of the GAP stores in the world in any capacity, then you won’t be allowed to take the survey. Investors and associates of GAP Inc. are also forbidden.
  • You cannot enter the GAP factory survey without a valid receipt.
  • You cannot take the survey more than one time with the same receipt.
  • The coupon code won cannot be redeemed beyond 30 days from the date of issue.
  • The GAP coupon code can only be redeemed at a GAP outlet for the said prize. It should not be sold for cash.
  • The code cannot be used by anyone else.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. You can take the survey by following
  2. On the site’s homepage, you will find the dropdown menu to change your language.
  3. After selecting your desired language, type in the following details in the relevant boxes – store number, date of purchase, visit time, and transaction ID. They can be found on your GAP receipt.
  4. The survey questions will be loaded after clicking on the ‘Next’ button. Answer those honestly. You only need to pick a choice based on your experience at the GAP store for each question.
  5. Feel free to elaborate on your choices in the comment boxes.
  6. Submit the survey to receive your unique coupon code.

Please note that the prize mentioned on the GAP outlet feedback coupon may differ depending upon the ongoing promotions at the company during the month.

About GAP Factory:

GAP, the brand, was founded over 50 years ago by a well-established entrepreneur, Don Fisher, and his wife, Doris Fisher, in collaboration with the then-president of Levi Strauss & Co., Wally Haas Jr. Due to this codependent arrangement, the Fishers initially had to sell only Levi’s merchandise. It was only about 5 years later, in 1974, that they began their very own private-label GAP clothing.

Back then, their products used to cater to customers of all social classes. But in the 1990s when they realized that their upscale merchandise made better profits, the Fishers decided to revamp their marketing campaign to serve only the high-class customers.

Today, GAP owns over 3500 locations throughout the world, with a few of them being exclusive GAP factory outlets where you can buy their products at a huge discount. Add to that the offers and freebies granted by their survey at, and you won’t have to think twice before visiting their stores!

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