Kumejima Marathon


Marathon Goalpost

The Kume Island marathon is a yearly event that brings participants from all over the world. 2012 marks the 24th Anniversary of this great event that spans the scenic island. The Kumejima Marathon offers a Full Marathon for 18 year olds and up as well as half, 10km, and 5km runs.

RaceTime LimitEntry Fee
Marathon7 hours4,000yen
Half3.5 hours4,000yen
10km2 hours3,500yen
5km1.5 hours3,500 yen

*There is a discount for High School students. Half, 10k, or 5k is 2,000 yen.*

Registration is due by September 21. With payment by September 26.



13:00 to 19:30 –Senshu Uketsuke. Participant Registration


7:20 – Kaikaishiki. Ceremony at Nakazato ground.

7:30 – Full Marathon Start

9:00 – Half Marathon Start*

9:10 – 10km Start

9:30 – 5km start

15:00 – After Party

*The Half marathon begins near the Firefly Dome (Hotaru Dome).


In order to participate, you must register by September 21, 2012. There are a number of places and stores at which you can register.

After Party

Every year, the end of the Marathon is celebrated with awards for the participants as well as a large party with performances.

In 2011, there were Tunnaha Eisa and Hula performances along with other attractions for the Furiai Party. If you are feeling adventerous, run the marathon in a costume and you might win the costume award presented during the celebrations!