Gima Sumo


Gima Sumo

This year’s event is scheduled for July 21, 2014

The yearly Gima Sumo Competition takes place in the Gima neighborhood. It supports the neighborhood administration financially and is an important gathering event for the area. Often competitors will come from throughout Okinawa and beyond to compete.

Gima Sumo CompetitionBarring unfortunate weather, the competition usually occurs mid-August on a date relating to the kyureki lunar calendar. In 2012 the competition took place on August 12. There are usually rounds for elementary, junior high, and adult levels.

Unlike most modern Okinawan Sumo competitions, there is no set ring of sand. Instead a corner of ground under a tree is filled with sand and then surrounded by the judges.

This sumo competition takes place on the 25th day of the sixth month of the lunar calendar. It is the Umachii Festival. Since the sumo takes place before the site of a former rice store house, a Chinbei will visit and perform a complicated sake ceremony with locals.