Every year, Kume Island is host to many fun events. We'll be highlighting upcoming events, and report on current ones. Simply click a link below to find out more about an event.

  • January

    • Leisure WalkLeisure Walk (1/19-20/2013)

      Take a leisurely stroll along one of many courses with people from around Japan!

  • February

    • Sakura FestivalCherry Blossom Festival


      The yearly two-day festival celebrating the blooming Sakura Trees on Kumejima.

  • March

    • SugarRide Cycling Event (3/16-17/2013)
  • April

    • Umi BirakiSea Opening (4/7/2013)

      The Annual Umi Biraki is a ceremony celebrating the start of beach season. There is also a beach baseball tourney.

    • fireflyFirefly Fest (4/27/2013)

      Kumejima Fireflies come out to play between late April to May. Stop by the Firefly Pavilion to learn more.

  • May

    • Sea Turtle HouseSea Turtle Encounter

      (4/28-5/6 2013)

      Kumejima Fireflies come out to play between late April to May. Stop by the Firefly Pavilion to learn more.

    • Kumejima Yacht Race (5/25/2013)

  • June

    • Umi BirakiHa-ri- (Dragon Boat) Races


      The Dragon Boat races take place at three different ports each year. Join the fun as different groups compete in this traditional race.

    • Umi BirakiMaja Sumo Competition (6/23/2013)

      The Maja Area is home to the first of the yearly sumo competitions. It take place before the Tenko Shrine.

  • July

    • August

      • Gima SumoGima Sumo Competition (8/1/2013)

        Gima Sumo takes place in the Gima Area near the Kumeshima Elementary School, and includes a unique historic ceremony.

      • Umachii FestivalUmachii Festival (8/1/2013)

        The traditional Kume Island Harvest Festival takes place on the 25th day of the 6th month of the lunar calendar. Don't miss this look at the culture and traditions dating from the Ryukyu Kingdom

      • Janadou Sumo Competition (8/2/2013)

      • Kume FestKumejima Festival (8/3-4/2013)

        The largest event on Kumejima is the two-day Kumejima Matsuri in August. Live events, food, fun, and more.

      • Nishime Eisa KidsNishime Sumo Competition

        8/4/2013 tentative)

        The Nishime Sumo competition is followed by traditional Eisa playing and other festivities.

      • Obon Eisa (8/19-21/2013) -At Gima, Higa, Janado, Magari, Kadekaru, and Maja Neighborhoods

    • September

      • Nakachi Sumo Competition (9/9/2013)

    • October

      • Kumejima Marathon GateKumejima Marathon (10/27/2013)

        The Kumejima Marathon offers several scenic routes for runners of all ages. This popular run is a great way to see Kumejima.

      • Town Sports DayKumejima Town Sports Day

        Most areas in Japan host sports days (undokai) to stay fit and have a little friendly competition. Kumejima has a town sports day in addition to elementary and junior high sports days

    • November

      • Young Festival

      • Kuruma Shrimp Festival

    *Dates and times subject to change without notice.