Does Office Depot Price Match?


Office Depot, or The ODP Corporation, is one of the largest B2B companies in the US and beyond! It supplies all types of businesses with the finest office equipment at reasonable prices in the blink of an eye. With over 1300 locations throughout North America and Europe, Office Depot is well-known for its efficiency and quality.

You can get anything here, right from the basic office supplies like a pen or an organizer, to the most unwieldy contraptions like the scanner or a water cooler! Bulk orders will give you the best prices at Office Depot, and the promise of a long-term contract will open up the most ridiculous discounts for your benefit!

But does the company provide any other discounts? For instance, does Office Depot price match if the same kind of equipment is available at another retailer for a better price? It doesn’t really need to, for it is one of the most preferred vendors of office supplies around the world. But still, the answer to that question is critical.

Does Office Depot Price Match?

Yes, yes, and a hundred times, yes! The ODP Corporation is generous enough to offer an exclusive price match policy for its customers. You can expect a price match refund on any of their products, right from that bulk order of pens and paper to that whole new range of office desks and bookcases. In short, you can expect guaranteed returns if you are to meet all the conditions of the Office Depot price match policy.

But what does this price match policy comprise? Is it a list of irrational rules put in place just to annoy the customer? Definitely not! The official policy details of the price match at Office Depot have been carefully crafted by experts to ensure a streamlined exchange of information without leaving any loopholes about its credibility.

Office Depot Price Match Policy

We won’t go into the boring specifics of the price match policy here. Instead, let us take a look at the most interesting and practically viable aspects of the document.

  • The product of the price match should be perfectly identical to the one from Office Depot. For instance, if you have purchased a branded desk from ODP at a higher price than at, say, Costco, then everything about the two desks should be the same, right down to the color shades and the manufacturing material.
  • If you have purchased any add-ons, like a table-top lamination, then it should also coincide with the one available at the other store.
  • The warranty periods of the two products should be equal.
  • The product should be in stock at the competing outlet. Thus, if you see an ad in the newspaper for the same kind of printer available at a lower price, but when you reach the said outlet only to find that all those printers have been sold, then you cannot request for a refund on your purchased printer from Office Depot.
  • The price match claim should be made within 14 days of purchase. This means that if you find the same product being sold elsewhere for a lower price on the 15th day, then your claim will be rejected.

How to Get an Office Depot Price Match?

It is a simple enough process, but you will need to revisit the Office Depot outlet at least once before your refund can be processed.

  1. Gather all the evidence that shows, without a doubt, that a competitor’s price for the product is lower. If you saw the lower price on a hoarding, click a picture of that hoarding. Alternatively, the store brochure, price list, or an online product price will also work.
  2. You may first choose to contact the Office Depot store from where you purchased the product. Send them an email attaching all the relevant documents along with your receipt, or give them a call to set up an appointment.
  3. You can also directly walk in at the outlet and approach any store executive. Show him/her the proof of the reduced price along with your receipt.
  4. You may need to wait for a day or two for them to cross-check the documents. 
  5. If everything is in order, then your Office Depot price match claim will be approved. They will request you to visit the outlet again to get your refund.

Kindly note that the Office Depot authorities have the right to reject your price match request without stating any reason. Even if all your documents are in order, there is still a slight chance that your application will be rejected.

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