Does Nordstrom Price Match?


Nordstrom is a more than a century-old department store that primarily serves US residents. Ideally, anyone can just walk in at a Nordstrom store and browse the racks. However, since the company only stocks the finest, most elite brands, their prices might not sit well with most of the customers. Hence, Nordstrom is considered to be a luxury department store for the high-class. Oftentimes, you can even find a celebrity or two trying out their collection!

Nordstrom is most known for offering the best quality shoes, and their range of top-grade apparels aren’t to be missed. If you are looking for the latest collection by some renowned fashion designer, then you can most probably find it at your nearest Nordstrom outlet!

And if Nordstrom specifically targets the elite customers, apparently, then you may think that there won’t be any discounts or offers at their stores. For example, is there a sale running at any Nordstrom store? Does Nordstrom price match? You can find the answers to all these questions below.

Does Nordstrom Price Match?

We are happy to announce that Nordstrom does indeed have an official price match policy. So it seems that they aren’t targeting only the elite audiences anymore! Thus, if you were to purchase anything from Nordstrom, right from their clothing and footwear to jewelry and cosmetics, only to later find out that the same product is being offered at another competitor store for a lesser price, then you can directly approach the store manager and demand a refund.

But that’s not all! You can also avail of their price adjustment policy. This means that if you purchase a product from Nordstrom and they later put it up on sale, then you can easily demand a refund for the sale price of the product! It does seem too good to be true, right? But let us assure you that both the price match Nordstrom and its price adjustment feature are indeed officially available for use – with a certain set of conditions. Let us take a look at those.

Nordstrom Price Match Policy

Nordstrom will grant you the refund only if the following conditions are met.

  • You can only cite prices from their US-based competitors. Heed the framing of that sentence carefully. Let us say that you have purchased a pair of Adidas shoes from Nordstrom. You will only get a refund if the same kind of shoes are available at any other outlet based in the country, say an Adidas factory outlet, at a lower price. And by competitors, they mean all those branded stores at par with their level of business. Thus, you can’t just cite a price from a local shoe vendor for the same kind of Adidas shoes.
  • The product registered for the price match claim from another outlet should be an exact match to the product purchased from Nordstrom, right down to its size and color.
  • The product should be in stock at the competitor store. Thus, if you simply read an ad somewhere stating the lower price of the product, but when you visit the outlet, the item isn’t available, then you won’t receive the refund from Nordstrom.
  • There is a set period post-purchase during which you can request a price match. It is ideally 14 days but kindly consult with the store manager for confirmation.

For the price adjustment feature, the rules are similar to the Nordstrom price match. But the price adjustment triggers for in-store items. Hence, if you purchase a product and it later goes on sale at Nordstrom, then you can request a refund if the sale happens a few days after purchase (within 5 days ideally). The difference in the cost of the two prices will be refunded to you in this case.

How to Get a Nordstrom Price Match?

Nordstrom won’t hesitate to grant your refund if you follow the procedure mentioned below.

  1. As soon as you see the lower-priced product at the competing outlet, collect proof. By proof, we mean take a picture of the ad banner, visit the store and ask for the price list, take a picture of the product’s price tag, or print out the official ad from their online website.
  2. Carry any of those proofs to the Nordstrom retailer from where you purchased the product. Don’t forget to carry your receipt as well.
  3. Approach the manager’s desk and show him/her all the said documents. 
  4. Clearly state that you are there to price match Nordstrom with the competing outlet.
  5. Give them a few days to consider your situation. If they do not get back to you within a week, send them an email reminder or visit the physical outlet again.
  6. If all your documents are in order, then you will receive the refund from Nordstrom in no time!

For the price adjustment refund, follow the same aforementioned procedure. However, in this case, you only need to carry your Nordstrom receipt since the product on sale will be from their end. It makes the process so easy that you may even receive your refund on your first visit itself!


Nordstrom’s founder, John W. Nordstrom, is living proof that immigrants can indeed make it big in the US! Did you know that John W. immigrated to the country from Sweden at the tender age of 16? He had to work immensely hard to make a living at first, but in 13 long years, he was able to amass enough capital to invest in a business venture! Opening a shoe store in 1901 with a friend, he eventually went on to expand his business in other areas. However, it was only in the ‘50s and ‘60s that his business became a thriving department store.

Post that, it was an upward trend for the Nordstrom enterprise, with their focus being on elite clientele. Today, the company has close to a hundred locations in over 30 US states, with a few of them present in Canada and Puerto Rico as well! So don’t hesitate to avail of the Nordstrom price match policy to get the best deals out of your purchases at such a prestigious store!

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