Does Micro Center Price Match?


Micro Center is one of the largest computer retail stores in the US. It is also one of the oldest since it was founded just a couple of years after personal computers were available commercially! Thus, the brand name decidedly inspires a sense of trust among the customers. You can find everything related to computers at any Micro Center store, right from graphic cards and RAM chips to fully assembled mainframes and laptops, each of the finest and cutting-edge quality.

The prices offered by Micro Center are also quite reasonable and amazingly competitive. You certainly won’t be disappointed by the cash spent or the check given for purchasing any of their products. However, what if you find a better price at another branded store for the same product soon after making the purchase? Will Micro Center price match and give you a refund? Let’s find out!

Does Micro Center Price Match?

The straight answer to this question is ‘No’, at least not officially. There is no such price match protocol mentioned in the Micro Center’s Terms of Service document or Privacy Policy. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t receive your refund. Here’s a lesser-known secret: many Micro Center store managers are known to price match for customers if certain conditions are met. Yes, if the store manager of your nearest Micro Center outlet is one of those, then you will definitely receive the refund!

Micro Center Price Match Policy

Unofficially, there are a certain set of rules for your price match refund to be successfully returned to you. All the store managers who allow price matches at their Micro Center outlets abide by the following conditions.

  1. Micro Center only accepts price matches from major, multi-state retailers like Best Buy. If you bring the price offered by a local, independent retailer, then your request will be rejected.
  2. They also accept prices from Amazon, but in this case, the product needs to be sold directly by Amazon itself. It should not be offered by an independent seller on the website.
  3. Special discounted or clearance sale products do not count.
  4. The product has to be in stock at the major retailer for your claim to be accepted.
  5. If the product isn’t available on the major retailer’s online website, then the outlet where the product is present at the lower price should be located NEAR the Micro Center store (ideally, within city or state limits).
  6. The lower-priced product should be the exact same as the product you purchased, right down to its model number and color.
  7. You can only request a Micro Center price match refund within the given time frame. Ask for the period during which you can do so at the time of purchase. Generally, it will be about 14 days to one month.

Kindly note that even if you are able to meet all the aforementioned criteria, it will entirely up to the store manager to determine whether or not he/she should refund the price. The company won’t be held accountable if they reject your price match request since there is no official policy in place.

How to Get a Micro Center Price Match?

Now that you know the conditions for the refund, if you are able to meet all of those, then heed the following steps to request a price match for the purchased item.

  1. Once you meet all the aforementioned conditions, ensure that you have some proof of the lower-priced product. An official ad in the newspaper or a price brochure from the competing outlet would do.
  2. There are three ways to go about contacting the Micro Center store manager or supervisor.
  • Give them a call at (614) 850-3675, state the purpose of your call, and ask to get in touch with the concerned authority. Then state the details of your price match and set up an appointment.
  • Fill up the Micro Center Contact form with your details and the information of your price match request. Attach all the necessary files, like proof of price reduction, your purchase receipt, etc. Then hit the ‘contact your store’ button and await their reply.
  • The easiest and fastest way has to be to directly reach out to the store manager by visiting the outlet. Be sure to carry all the required proofs and explain your request to him/her in detail.
  1. It may take a few days for them to review your request in accordance with the Micro Center price match policy.
  2. They will thoroughly cross-check the information provided and contact the competitor store for confirmation.
  3. Finally, you will either receive a reply over regular mail, email, or phone call, or all three, to let you know if your request has been accepted.

We ask you to wait for at least a week for the request to be processed and the refund to be transferred back to your account.


Micro Center is one of the best computer retailers in the industry, with over 25 different stores in various states in the US. Did you know that they have an 18-minute pick up policy in place? Customers who have ordered a product from their online website can pick it up from their nearest store, appropriately packaged, post 18 minutes from making the payment.

But does Micro Center price match? And will you get equally efficient service in such a case? The answer to both these questions is a resounding ‘Yes’! You will have to ensure that all the price match conditions of the company are met before sending the request. But you will receive your refund in no time if everything is perfect from your end!
The only problem is that they don’t have an official Micro Center price match policy in writing. Almost all their major competitors boast of official price match policies. Hence, the individual Micro Center store managers won’t simply turn a blind eye to your genuine, properly evidenced refund request. They need to stay in the game after all, and the computer race these days is highly competitive!

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