Does Barnes And Noble Price Match?


Barnes & Noble is one of the finest booksellers in the US, with over 600 stores in all 50 states! It is also a Fortune 1000 company with the largest presence of book outlets in the country. You can find books of all genres in each of their stores, right from the most renowned biographies to hardcore science fiction. Many of their stores are also known to stock the latest magazines, newspapers, music CDs, gift items, and quality ebook readers.

And being one of the most reputable booksellers in the US, does Barnes & Noble provide any discounts on their books? Can you, for instance, find a Barnes and Noble price match policy? Will they give you refunds on your purchases if the same book is available at another store at a reduced price? Let’s find out!

Does Barnes and Noble Price Match?

Unfortunately, none of the Barnes & Noble outlets give out any price match refunds because they don’t have an official policy in place. They are banking on their reputation and their 135-year long rich history to attract customers. But in the world today where leather-bound books are quickly replaced by digital editions, it’s highly unlikely that their strategy would hold much water.

People crave discounts to get them out of their comfortable beds as they read books on their tablets and smartphones to go and buy a hardbound book. Visiting the nearest bookstore is a tough ask for many when they can easily order an ebook online. Admittedly, Barnes & Noble does sell Nook Digital readers, but without a price match policy in place, it would be hard for them to stay in the game.

Nonetheless, they have a very loyal fanbase amassed through the 135 years of their experience. Barnes & Noble essentially is for the elite, because many other bookstores sometimes outmatch the prices offered. However, there is a certain delight in reading at a Barnes & Noble store, as you sip a Starbucks coffee and take breaks listening to soothing songs at their music station.

Barnes and Noble Price Match Policy

Without an official price match policy on the table, it is highly unlikely that the manager at your nearest bookseller will consent to a price match refund. But that shouldn’t discourage you from asking. Just show them a picture of the lower-priced book from another store and request a price match. Be prepared for rejection, however.

Surprisingly, if they do consent to the Barnes and Noble price match, then make sure you follow all the general guidelines for price matching. 

  • The book should be available at the competing store with the reduced price snugly attached to its cover.
  • Make sure that your request falls within 14 days of purchasing the book. There is no point in making the refund claim beyond that period.
  • The book should be exactly the same as the lower-priced one. For instance, if you purchased a hardbound book by some publisher and the lower-priced book has a soft cover published by someone else, then you cannot hope to get a price match refund.
  • Books that have a reduced price due to a clearance sale at the competing bookstore won’t be considered by Barnes & Noble.

The good news is that you can get a guaranteed refund on price adjustments! Thus, if you have purchased a book from Barnes & Noble and it later goes on sale, then the difference in the prices will be refunded to you. However, this price adjustment feature is only available for participating credit card purchases.

For instance, MasterCard is known to give refunds within a certain period for a book bought just before a sale begins. Hence, if you have purchased a book through your MasterCard and Barnes & Noble declares a discounted price for it within, say 3 days, then you will receive a refund from MasterCard!

How to Get a Barnes and Noble Price Match?

Again, we stress the point that Barnes & Noble doesn’t officially price match. But if you do manage to convince the retailer, then you can go about getting your refund in the following way.

  1. Submit the proof of the reduced price to the Barnes & Noble bookseller from the competing store. It could be a brochure, price list, banner stating the price, or a photo of the actual price on the book itself.
  2. Present your receipt at the counter for the purchased book.
  3. Give them a few days to review those documents.
  4. If they find the evidence satisfactory, then they will get in touch with you via email or phone call.
  5. Visit the Barnes & Noble bookstore to receive your price match refund!

For the price adjustment on credit cards like MasterCard, you will have to contact the credit card company. Barnes & Noble itself doesn’t provide a refund in such a case. Tell the credit card company via email or phone call about the sale prices on the book you purchased. Provide the necessary proofs and allow them a few days to consider your situation. You will definitely receive a refund if all the conditions have been met!


Everyone knows that Barnes & Noble was founded in the late 19th century, specifically in the year 1886. But did you know that neither anyone named Barnes nor Noble was even remotely associated with the company back then? It was initially called Arthur Hinds & Company, and a man named Gilbert Noble was hired in the fall of 1886 as a meager clerk. In eight amazingly productive years, Gilbert Noble went on to become the partner of the company, later buying out the shares of the original founder and acquiring a partner of his own, William Barnes. And this is how Barnes & Noble came to be!

Despite its rich history, B&N has been consistently making profits throughout these 135 long years with a few setbacks in between. However, we are not sure how long they will last given that they do not have a Barnes and Noble price match policy in place. In the meantime, enjoy their price adjustment policy for card purchases!

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