Decor Elements That Would Make Your Perfect Home.

Boho decor

So you’re moving to a new home, or you are thinking of decorating your old apartment? Either way, you must be excited as we are for you.

But changing the look of your space may also come with some uncertainty especially if you’re unsure of how to decorate it. Good decor should make your home look good and also reflect your personal taste.

But if you’re unsure of the décor elements that are perfect for your home, you need not fret. We have just the perfect décor elements for your home.

From our Boho chic decor ideas that make your space pop to our floor-to-ceiling drapes that add height and style to your space, we are sure these styles will make your home a beautiful and happy place.

So, read on and discover how to use the right décor to make your home the perfect haven.

1. Fresh Flowers for That Warm Feeling

Flowers are just delightful plus, they make your home smell so good. But don’t be quick to buy fake ones as these won’t do. Go for fresh flowers that add some greenery to your home.

Fresh flowers evoke a feeling of aliveness in your space. For instance, a bouquet of fresh flowers with warm tones will evoke an inviting feeling even in the most boring room.

Besides, fresh flowers just like potted plants provide you with clean air by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. The presence of flowers in your room can also reduce stress. According to a past study, linalool the sweet smell found in lavender leads to a calming effect once you inhale it.

To make your flowers stand out, go for the ones that complement your color theme. For instance, if you’re into boldly colored décor paintings, you can opt for a mixed-color bouquet of flowers. Ensure you place it in a central table where it’s visible. Remember the vase is also part of the bouquet so go for one that is as beautiful as your flowers.

If you aren’t a fan of flowers, you can always opt for potted plants as they give similar effects to your space.

2. You Can Never Go Wrong With Boho

Boho décor is chic and full of life. It makes even the dullest room have some life. The bohemian style gives you a chance to experiment with bright colors and attention-grabbing accessories.  From rugs, plants, plush pillows, wallpapers, to wall paints, it’s easy to make the bohemian style part of your space.

If you’re wondering how to incorporate the boho look into your home, here are a few ideas.

  • Go for warm earthly, metallic or jewel bohemian colors and accessorize them with other cool colors
  • Feel free to mix décor items with textures and patterns from around the world in an unconventional way
  • Boho embraces a more is more style rather than minimal and sleek decorative style so mix and match your accessories
  • Second hand and vintage furniture such as butterfly chairs, daybeds and chaises lounges give a comfortable and relaxed boho vibe to your home
  • Use ambient lighting and include multiple candles and lanterns plus table lamps to complete the welcoming bohemian feel
  • Embrace the nature world by incorporating hanging plants and ferns and remember the more the merrier
  • Handmade and vintage rugs, tapestries, bottles, and china that tell a personal story are also perfect for the Bohemian style

3. Modern Floor to Ceiling Drapes

Long drapes that hang from the highest point of your room’s wall to the floor not only add height to your windows but they also make your space look stylish. Adding height to your curtains makes them fall better and in a neat way. Such curtains also create a sleek modern look.

Besides, if you have large windows your room may often feel cold during winter. Curtains that hang from the ceiling to the floor cover your windows better and make your space feel snugger and cozier. Besides at night drawing your ceiling to floor curtains ensures there is no light coming through, ensuring you get a good night’s rest

4. Swap Your Throw Pillows

One of the easiest ways to freshen a room is to add some throw pillows. Introducing new throw pillows that have different shapes, colors, or prints will transform your living room or bedroom.

If your space is mostly made up of neutral colors, go for stripped or bold graphic-colored pillows to add a pop of color to your space. Mixing up the sizes of the pillows will also give your room a more modern look. For instance, if your sofas have round throw pillows you can add some oblong ones. You should also consider mixing your throw pillows prints and textures.

If you already have some old throw pillows, you need not throw them away for new ones. Change the look by using differently colored and textured pillow covers.

In closing, these décor ideas are affordable and refined. They will help you give your home an on-trend look. So, why don’t you try them out and let us know how it goes.

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