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Cub Foods, lovingly called Cub, is a supermarket chain that operates entirely in Minnesota and Illinois. However, its products are of such high quality and so popular that people are often known to drop in at a Cub store from the nearby states. Even tourists prefer the Cub Foods store for their grocery shopping needs whenever they visit any region in MN and IL. So you can imagine the number of locals that would be frequenting the place to stock up on their monthly/weekly ration!

And it is not without good reason that the Cub grocery store is so popular. Apart from fresh produce that is regularly restocked, you can also find various other products at any of their outlets. There is the Cub’s service deli where you can purchase anything to prepare that quick breakfast or dinner at home. All your meat and seafood requirements will be met in their non-veg section, with each of the items being freshly frozen for that great taste.

Is there a birthday or an anniversary coming up? Then don’t forget to visit your nearest Cub for that extra-delicious topping on your favorite cake. In fact, the Cub bakery is a major highlight of the store where you can buy almost every kind of baked item, attractively and scrumptiously decorated, for reasonable prices.

Additionally, there is the natural & organic foods section at the Cub Foods store wherein the shelves are lined with the most genuinely authentic organic food brands, right from Amy’s to Nature Nate’s. Furthermore, you can easily replenish your wine stock at Cub’s, choosing from their top-class range of wine brands and champagne!

Cub Foods Application Online

Are you looking to work at the Cub grocery store? In this day and age where you need to think twice before leaving your house, thanks to the coronavirus, it isn’t really safe to make back and forth trips even to your nearest location from time to time. So how could you go about landing a job at Cub? It’s an easy enough online process. Just head over to this official job application link.

  1. You will have three choices of stores to apply to. The corporate-owned Cub Foods store, the locations owned by Jerry’s Enterprises, and the franchise-owned outlets.
  2. Click on the ‘Apply’ button of either of the three kinds of stores that you wish to work at.
  3. You will be led to another page that lists all kinds of jobs available at any of their locations.
  4. Select the one that is nearest to you.
  5. Check whether or not you are qualified for the position available.
  6. Proceed to the application page wherein you will need to enter your professional and personal details and upload your CV.
  7. An in-store interview appointment will be fixed for you. However, due to the growing Pandemic, you may be allowed to take the interview online.

Once you have successfully cracked the interview, you will receive your offer letter in your email inbox itself, along with the joining date and the employee Cub Foods hours. Thus, you can directly visit the physical outlet on your first day where you will be given all the training that you need. That’s it! The rest is in your hands!

Cub Foods in Social Media

Cub has been making waves on several social media platforms for quite a few years now. Despite the immense popularity of the Cub grocery store since its inception way back in 1968, they barely had any online presence in the mid-2000s. But they were quick to correct that drawback by creating an official website with stellar content, which is regularly updated even today. You can even find the mobile version of the site in the form of Cub apps for Android and iPhone. They have over a hundred thousand downloads with excellent ratings from customers!

But the best part is about their social media presence. Their official Facebook page has garnered more than 120K likes over the years, and they have close to 4000 followers on Twitter and Instagram. The latter two platforms may need more promotions, and they are working day and night to enhance their social media presence. For instance, you can find a well-crafted post or two from their end almost every single day!

Right from featuring their ongoing promotions to the way they are successfully tackling the COVID crisis head-on, you can find every latest offering at your nearest Cub Foods store on either of those three platforms. But the highlight of their initiative to curb the spread of the virus is the ultra-efficient Cub Foods delivery system. All you need to do is order the stuff that you need on their online website or their official Cub apps, confirm your payment option, and you will find your products safely wrapped on your doorstep within an hour!

Needless to say, we found the Cub Foods store experience thoroughly satisfactory, and we would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone while visiting MN or IL!

Cub Foods FAQ

What time does Cub open?

You can ideally find the store open at 8:00 AM. It usually closes at 10:00 PM. However, due to COVID restrictions, they may have reduced the working hours in your area. Check with them over a phone call or on their website before visiting. At this moment, most stores are only taking online or phone orders.

Who owns Cub Foods?

The brand is owned by United Natural Foods, and it is a wholly owned subsidiary of SuperValu.

How much does Cub Foods delivery cost?

For your first order, the delivery is free of charge! However, you will need to shell out $3.99 and a 5% service fee for every order that you make thereafter. Please note that the minimum order value has to be $35 to avail of the Cub Foods delivery.

Is there a customer satisfaction survey?

Of course there is! You can leave your feedback at at any given time of the day or night. All you need to do is enter your personal details on that site, type in your unique survey code from the Cub receipt, and answer a few simple questions about your visit to the outlet. After completing the survey, you will be immediately entered into a draw that gives out a $100 prize to the winner!

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  1. My husband worked and retired from SuperValu in 1995. We have always shopped at cub and enjoy the fresh produce very much. I do buy my meat at Costco as Cub has tough meat. TRY SWIFT MEATS. The personnel is always helpful but I notice the shelves are not stocked the way they used to be. Short of Help? A lot of businesses are. We enjoy the pension check every month so keep it coming.