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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, true to its name, retains the southern country flavor of the past to present a modernized version of the gun-slinging saloons of yesteryear. It will be considered to be completely normal if you show up at their outlet donning a western attire, replete with a loose, half-open shirt, baggy pants, and a worn-out holster! And once you enter and sit there in their country chair with an artistically battered table, you can place an order for any type of Southern cuisine, right from gravy n’ biscuits to the old-world, authentic fried chicken.

However, if you simply wish to experience the Southern country era of old, then you wouldn’t feel out of place just lounging on the rickety wooden chairs on their antiquated porch, puffing on a cheap stogie. And you may want to record your experience at the outlet; so don’t forget to leave your feedback on their exclusive survey portal – – from the comforts of your home!


Since Cracker Barrel has a unique atmosphere loved by many, its business has grown rapidly over the years. With over 600 restaurants operating throughout the US, it is considerably difficult to manage each outlet for their management team. This is where you, as a customer, can help them out. Visit your nearest Cracker Barrel outlet, order something to your liking, take the receipt, and head home to submit your feedback in the CrackerBarrel survey.

You don’t need a reason to take the survey, however. Received excellent service at their outlet? Cracker Barrel authorities will listen to you. Got the worst service ever at their saloon? Cracker Barrel will take more effort to understand your perspective and make sure that something like that doesn’t happen again.

Why Customer Satisfaction Survey?

You would be hard put to choose among the numerous reasons why you should take the survey, that’s how in-demand it is! However, we will only mention the top three reasons here.

  1. As the URL of the survey suggests, Cracker Barrel listens to your feedback no matter how negative or positive it may be. Once you log on to their official website and leave your feedback, it is guaranteed that the authorities will consider your suggestions and opinions about the outlet that you visited. Have some improvement ideas that you wish to share? They will review those over and implement them if they find it to be fruitful.
  2. The survey website of Cracker Barrel is easy to enter. Even if you are a true-blue western gun-slinger of yore with no association with the internet, you will be able to access the website without any help! All the instructions are displayed on the homepage itself, and we have elaborated on those in the next section for your benefit.
  3. The CrackerBarrel survey is offering every participant a chance to win a $100 gift card! It can be redeemed at any of their restaurants for free service or a discounted bill.

How to Win $100 Cracker Barrel Gift Card in CrackerBarrel Survey?

Are there certain rules and restrictions to win the gift card? Of course, there are! But they aren’t overly unreasonable. Survey Requirements

  • Since Cracker Barrel outlets are present in 45 US states, only the residents of those 45 states can participate in the survey.
  • Every participant must be at least 18 years of age to take the survey at
  • Only those who know the English and/or Spanish languages well will be able to take the survey.
  • A person who has a basic knowledge of using a computer, laptop, or smartphone will be able to answer the questionnaire. You need to have an internet connection as well to access the website.
  • You can only enter the survey if you have previously purchased at Cracker Barrel. This step is mandatory, for you will need to enter the unique survey code only present on your receipt. Survey Restrictions

  • Cracker Barrel employees, be they a manager or a server, won’t be allowed to enter the website.
  • Anyone associated with Cracker Barrel in a professional capacity also won’t be permitted to take the survey.
  • If your close sibling or a parent, spouse or child, has taken the survey in a particular period, then you cannot leave your feedback on the website in the same period.
  • Taxes of the winner won’t be paid by the company. You will have to manage them yourself.
  • The $100 Cracker Barrel prize cannot be transferred to your family or friend. Your presence is required at the outlet to redeem it.
  • The sale of the prize for cash or anything else is forbidden. Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Type in this URL in your device’s address bar –
  2. You will be presented with two language choices: English and Spanish. Pick one that you are most comfortable with.
  3. A list of instructions will be displayed on the next page. Heed them well, and if your feedback is especially negative which requires a lot of explanation, then you can directly call up the phone number mentioned on the webpage.
  4. Enter the survey code from your Cracker Barrel receipt.
  5. The main survey page will display a series of questions that you need to answer. Elaborate on your rating choices if you want in the comment boxes, though it is not required.
  6. Submit your details like name and email to participate in the sweepstakes for a chance to win $100!
CrackerBarrel Survey

The CrackerBarrel survey prize may differ depending upon the monthly promotion. It could switch to an exclusive rocking chair as well!

About Cracker Barrel

Dan Evins, a small-time employee of the gargantuan Shell Oil, invested his savings in founding the first Cracker Barrel restaurant in 1969! Though it wasn’t quite successful in the early years for he had to switch locations quite a few times, eventually, in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, it attained huge fame to reach the one billion mark in profits.
Today, the Cracker Barrel chain is spread throughout the US, operating over 650 restaurants and gift card outlets in close to 45 states! Make your contribution to their further expansion by taking the survey at, and stand a chance to win $100 or a unique rocking chair!

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