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California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) is a world-renowned pizzeria that offers not just traditional items, but also some of the most sumptuous non-traditional, California-style pizzas! If it’s your first time visiting the outlet, then you should give their Original Hand Tossed Wild Mushroom pizza a whirl. It’s not only dreamily delicious but also the most healthy option on their menu! Apart from that, you can also order a few lip-smacking appetizers, salads, and desserts.

Regardless of the item that you order, you will receive a freshly prepared dish that you can savor for as long as you want at the outlet. CPK’s services are undoubtedly top-grade, and their employees are ever so polite and friendly. So don’t forget to leave your feedback at www.CPKSurvey.com, their official survey website, after enjoying your meal!

California Pizza Kitchen has always valued its service above everything else. They have always ensured that the customer got just what he/she wanted in the shortest possible time. However, there have been huge gaps during the past year due to COVID-19 lockdowns, so there is a high probability that CPK’s services may not be as good as they were. That is the reason why they have started the official CPK survey!

Any customer who has visited a CPK resto and made a purchase can take the survey. All they have to do is answer a few questions about their visit. CPK is only asking for your honest responses. And the authorities understand that the drop in a particular location’s service may not be intentional, so they won’t dole out severe punishments for the lack. But they will definitely ensure that their services are improved after your complaint!

Why CPK Customer Satisfaction Survey?

So, is improving CPK’s customer service and food quality the only reason why you should take the survey at www.CPKSurvey.com? Granted that you will get to enjoy the improved services, taste the rise in the quality of food, and experience a healthy environment at the outlet. It is definitely an advantage, but it is not much of an incentive. What if you need to spend hours filling up the questionnaire only to get nothing substantial in return?

Both the points in the previous question are NOT true! We asked a host of volunteering CPK customers to share their feedback on the CPK’s feedback survey, and we were pleasantly surprised with the results! Most of them were able to complete the entire survey, including the personal details section, within 5 minutes. It took about 10-15 minutes for a few others to submit the CPKSurvey, but that was only because they were busy filling up the optional comment boxes.

And they were very well rewarded for their time. Each of them was entered into a spectacular draw, the prize of which was $500 cash! And they all stood an equal chance to win it!

How to Win a $500 Cash Prize in www.CPKSurvey.com?

Winning the $500 cash prize is a matter of luck, but being eligible to participate in the draw is what matters.

California Pizza Kitchen Survey

Survey Requirements

  • Though CPK is present all around the globe, this survey is only available for US-based customers. Even if you are residing anywhere near the US, like Canada or Puerto Rico, you won’t be able to take the survey.
  • Only those who are 18 years of age or older are eligible to participate in the CPK survey sweepstakes.
  • The survey is only available in English, so you must have a good grasp of the language.
  • Any device with a web browser can be used for taking the survey, as long as you have a strong internet connection.
  • A CPK proof of purchase, like a receipt, is mandatory to access the questionnaire.

Survey Restrictions

  • California Pizza Kitchen employees aren’t allowed to take the survey. They also cannot influence the survey-takers in any way. Their immediate family is banned from participating as well.
  • You cannot enter the online CPKSurvey without a receipt from the outlet.
  • The CPK receipt should not be older than 3 days.
  • If you manage to win the $500 prize, then you cannot take it under anyone else’s name.
  • One person can take the survey only once during a survey period.
  • One person is eligible to win only one prize for as long as the survey lasts.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. The survey can only be taken online via this link – www.CPKSurvey.com.
  2. Once the homepage is loaded, you will need your CPK receipt.
  3. Enter the unique survey code shown on the receipt in the boxes provided and click the submit button.
  4. If the code is correct, you will be led to the official feedback questionnaire. It will contain multiple-choice questions, and you will also be asked to rate their services. So it won’t take you much time to finish it.
  5. You may choose to describe your experience at the CPK outlet in detail in the comment boxes. They are entirely optional, so feel free to leave them empty.
  6. To enter your name in the $500 sweepstakes, you will be required to provide your email ID and residential address. 
  7. Submit the survey and await their response (it will take them about 7 days post the survey period to declare the winners).

Kindly note that CPKSurvey may not always offer an entry into their sweepstakes. You may also receive an instant freebie or discount in the form of a validation code!

About California Pizza Kitchen

One of the best casual dining restaurants in its niche, California Pizza Kitchen is the go-to outlet for tasting some of the finest offbeat pizzas in the industry. The founders, Rick Rosenfield and Larry Flax, with help from their friends, opened the first restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA in 1985. Their exclusively prepared BBQ Chicken pizza was an instant hit with the locals!

Today, there are 250 locations of this top-notch restaurant, and they are planning to grow even more. Help them in their expansion endeavors by taking the customer survey at CPKSurvey.com, and ensure your place in their monthly $500 sweepstakes!

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