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Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, simply known as Cheddar’s, is a US-based restaurant chain that has been serving avid foodies for more than 40 years. They offer everything, right from breakfast to dinner, throughout the year. Though the name of the restaurant is based on the popular cheese variant, you can find a few non-cheese items on their menu as well. However, some of their finest offerings decidedly have cheese in them. You have got to try out their Key West Chicken and Shrimp plate the next time that you visit Cheddar’s. A healthier option is the Top Sirloin Steak with Grilled Shrimp.

After being shut down when the spread of COVID-19 was at its peak, Cheddar’s has now been reopened for business taking the best precautions on each of their premises. And they are looking for your feedback regarding their outlets via, just to understand whether or not all their locations are functioning well enough.

Cheddar’s Restaurant
Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

Since Cheddar’s is recently back in business, you can’t just expect it to pick up from where it left off. Before the pandemic, all their restaurants were booming, but today, they are experiencing a devastating drop in business. Hence, they need your help. If you like their cuisine, then don’t forget to leave your CheddarsFeedback after you have enjoyed their food. It will help them assess the situation at their outlets and make the necessary improvements wherever required.

Your feedback, no matter how negative or positive it may be, is valuable to Cheddar’s authorities. Through the survey at, they can get a peek into the inner workings of their establishments, thus being able to reduce the number of inconsistencies and paving the way for a better future.

Why Cheddars Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey:

But why should you take this particular survey? You can just as easily call up their hotline and leave your feedback there. However, their numbers are almost always busy since many customers are trying to reach them every single day. provides an easier and faster alternative to a direct call to their headquarters. That is because once you fill-up the survey questionnaire and submit it, your answers will reach the authorities in no time! Their evaluators will assess your form and forward it to the right department for further review.

Additionally, you can explain your experience better in writing than over a direct call. The survey questionnaire at contains questions that address any and every type of issue that you may have with their outlet. Thus, your feedback will be more orderly and elaborate on the website. Add to that the ease with which you can access and fill up the survey and you won’t need to look any further!

Also, apart from gaining the Cheddar’s authorities’ eternal gratitude, you will get a chance to win $100! Yes, now with every Cheddars Feedback that you leave on their survey portal, your name will be entered into a draw, the winner of which can take home a cool $100 prize!

Win $100 Cash Prize in Survey:

Every participant stands an equal chance to win the $100 prize, regardless of whether you are a regular at Cheddar’s or a first-timer – as long as you are eligible to participate that is.

Cheddars Feedback

Survey Requirements

  • You must be a resident of the US, Puerto Rico, Guam, or Canada to leave your CheddarsFeedback.
  • Customers who are 18 years of age or older will be allowed to take the survey.
  • You can send your feedback via regular mail too. But for online entry, you need to have a recent Cheddar’s receipt.
  • You need to have a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to access the online questionnaire. A strong internet connection is preferable.
  • You can leave the feedback in either English or Spanish. No other language will be considered right now.

Survey Restrictions

  • The website,, will not be accessible to employees of the company. Even those who were associated with the development of the survey aren’t eligible to participate.
  • Though Quebec is in Canada, customers who reside in that city won’t be able to enter.
  • Your Cheddar’s receipt with the survey code ideally shouldn’t be more than a week old.
  • Your name won’t be considered for the sweepstakes if you refuse to provide your details.
  • Your chances of winning won’t increase via online entry. Even those who haven’t made a purchase and sent their feedback via snail mail stand an equal chance of winning the prize.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Type in this URL in your address bar – – and press Enter.
  2. You can find the option to change the language from English to Spanish at the bottom of the homepage.
  3. Enter the ID number in the relevant box (to be found at the center of your receipt).
  4. The feedback form of Cheddar’s will be loaded at this point. Give your honest opinions about their services.
  5. Type in your details if you wish to enter the sweepstakes. You can skip this part if you want.

There will be one lucky winner of the CheddarsFeedback $100 prize per month. But don’t be disheartened if you aren’t that guy. Cheddar’s is giving away $50 cash prizes to 100 other lucky entrants too!

About Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen:

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen was founded in 1979 in Arlington, TX by Aubrey Good and Doug Rogers. If you have been visiting the restaurant for quite some time, then you would know that it was originally called Cheddar’s Casual Cafe. Initially, their business was slow since it took them 16 long years to establish 10 different locations, but it picked up pace post-1995. Thus, sometime in 2006, Good and Rogers sold Cheddar’s after amassing an amazing amount of profits!

Today, Cheddar’s is owned by Darden Restaurants, and it has over 170 outlets in close to 28 states in the US. It is Darden that has come up with the idea of offering a nice $100 prize for customer feedback via! So what are you waiting for? Take the survey right away!

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