The Official McDonald’s Survey –


McDonald’s has become a genre, a category in itself for most of the foodies on the planet. Whenever you think of having a quick bite, one of the first restos to pop into your head has to be McDonald’s. Their classic cheeseburger is loved by anyone and everyone in the country! And you don’t need us to recommend items from their inventory to satiate your taste buds. No! We are here for another purpose.

Did you know that McDonald’s accepts feedback about their stores on their official survey website: Back then, you used to get pamphlets for letting … – The Official iHop Survey

iHop Restaurent

iHop is a US-based global brand of pancakes that serves delicious breakfast at reasonable prices. Many people frequent iHop every morning to get their daily dose of energy with taste. Their classic Original Buttermilk Pancakes is a must-try for first-timers. A stack of it offers five large pancakes covered with whipped butter. Just dip it in the syrup of your choice and enjoy the delicacy! And they serve lunch and dinner cuisines too, all the more reason for you to spend time at their resto!

However, quite a few of the items on their menu aren’t well-liked by the regulars. … – The Official Papa Murphy’s Survey

Papa Murphy's

Papa Murphy’s, simply called Papa or Murphy’s these days, is one of the largest take-and-bake pizzerias in the US and Canada. Foodies have savored their handpicked and handmade pizzas, prepared fresh from scratch, for many years. If you haven’t tried out the Big Murphy’s Stuffed Pizza yet, then you are missing out on something lip-smackingly delicious! And their prices are reasonable too, better than many other pizzerias out there.

You can always place an order online if you don’t wish to go out during these tough times. Every Papa Murphy’s outlet is known to follow safety precautions right down … – The Official RedLobster Survey

Red Lobster

Red Lobster, the amazing chain of restaurants with sumptuous seafood cuisine, turned 52 this year with a bang! Today, the term ‘live lobster’ is closely associated with Red Lobster worldwide, since this US-based restaurant has branches in several other parts of the planet. If you haven’t had the Sailor’s Platter at this restaurant yet, then you are missing out on something really delicious!

Apart from the really scrumptious items on their menu, you need to check out the RedLobsterSurvey. It is an equally lip-smacking opportunity to leave your feedback about the resto and to get exciting prizes in return! Their … – The Official Maggiano’s Survey

Maggiano’s Little Italy

Maggiano’s Little Italy, as the name suggests, serves exquisite Italian-American cuisine at reasonable prices. They specialize in lunch and dinner, but recently, they have also started offering brunch. Customers usually prefer to start the course with a Tomato, Balsamic and Garlic Bruschetta, followed by Spaghetti with Marinara. Thus, if you are visiting Maggiano’s for the first time, you may want to try those items out before exploring further.

And to keep its customers happy, did you know that the restaurant chain recently launched a survey website – It’s an excellent opportunity for the customers to share their experiences at … – The Official Wendy’s Survey


Wendy’s has been competing with Burger King and McDonald’s since its inception, and it has been slowly gaining on those fast-food giants over the past few years! Wendy’s offers almost everything that BK and McD do, and then some. Have you tried their spicy chicken sandwich and fries? Many would say that Wendy’s makes them way better than either of the leading chains. So, it is with good reason that we are presenting you with this opportunity of a lifetime – the survey!

You heard us right! Wendy’s is ready and waiting to hear from you, the customer, about …

Encuesta TalkToGiant – – Giant Food

TalkToGiant Survey

Giant Food of Maryland, LLC, es una cadena de supermercados que opera en Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Washington, D.C. y Pennsylvania. La compañía tiene 169 supertiendas y 159 farmacias en los Estados Unidos. 

TalkToGiant, que está disponible en, es una encuesta de satisfacción del cliente diseñada para obtener su opinión sobre Giant Foods, sus servicios y su experiencia de compra en el supermercado. La empresa utilizará sus comentarios para mejorar sus servicios y mejorar su futura experiencia de compra.

TalkToGiant Survey

El propósito de la encuesta TalkToGiant es mejorar la experiencia del cliente en Giant Foods. Permite que los clientes se …