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pdq restaurant

Despite being relatively new, PDQ is gradually becoming one of the best fast-food chains. There’s no better way to enjoy delicious meals than in a convenient and soothing atmosphere. PDQ offers a perfect balance of both. If you’ve ever enjoyed any of PDQ’s savory and tasty meals, you’ll know it’s something that keeps you coming […]

www.TellPopeyes.com – The Official Popeyes Survey

popeyes survey

Enjoying Popeyes spicy chicken is a fantasy for many people of the world. This company offers one of the most renowned fast-food chains globally, with over 40 years of legacy. Popeyes now has plenty of fans who always crave its spicy chicken, buttermilk biscuits, and other flavorful foods. If you’re one of those fans, then […]

www.LogansListens.com – The Official Logan’s Roadhouse Survey

Logan’s Roadhouse

It has been 29 successful years since Logan’s Roadhouse launched its first restaurant, and their business is still doing well. Though Logan’s is located in only 23 US states, the entire country knows about its sumptuous wood-fired grilled steaks! If you are dying to visit one of their outlets, then do give their Hand-Cut Signature […]

www.MyBKExperience.com – The Official Burger King Survey

Burger King

Whenever you feel like having a burger, only about two or three fast-food brands come to mind. One of them has to be Burger King! The chain has been competing with the likes of McDonald’s for a long time now, with no one decidedly being victorious yet. The crown jewel of Burger King is their […]

www.SubwayListens.com – The Official Subway Survey


Subway, one of the largest and fastest-growing fast-food chains in the world, has been serving their delicious submarine sandwiches to numerous customers globally for over 55 years! You can either customize your sandwich ingredients or pick from some of their sumptuous in-house items. We heavily recommend the Spicy Italian sub with pepperoni and cheese and […]

www.TellALDI.us – The Official ALDI Survey

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ALDI is a German chain of departmental stores that offers groceries at a discount! It has a popular presence in several parts of the US, not just as ALDI, but also as its anglicized counterpart, Trader Joe’s. Though ALDI stores primarily sell groceries and dairy products, you can also find several other types of top-grade […]