How to reduce manual handling injuries in the workplace?

manual handling injuries

Every year, approximately thousands of workers suffer from back pains and injuries caused by manual handling.  Manual handling refers to activities that involve bodily stress while moving various objects by hand. Some examples of these include load lifting, pulling, pushing, packing, heavy machine operation, etc. These work tasks can put immense pressure on the employee’s […]

How to Choose the Best Attorney to Represent Your Case

Choose the Best Attorney

When involved in a lawsuit, choosing the best attorney is the first and the most important step. And it is where the trouble begins. Comparatively, your lawyer will be the one representing the case. It will be the attorney’s responsibility to pave the way to success. So, the first thing an individual must do is […]

How to Protect Food Stores and Facilities from Insects and Bugs

Are pests wreaking havoc in your food store? You aren’t alone. Past research indicates that pests and insects are the greatest source of financial losses for food processing firms. Insects and pests such as roaches, rodents, flies, moths, and weevils consume your stored product, change its taste, contaminate it with toxins, and give your business […]

Making Money From a Blog on YouTube? Is It Still Real And Effective Today?

Making Money on YouTube

With social media platforms competing over how to provide users with better options for making money while utilizing their online and/or web app facilities, the question needs to be asked: can you make money on YouTube today?  The short answer? Yes. Here’s how. 4 Easy Steps To Make Money On YouTube 1. From Quality Content […]

Cub Foods Grocery Store

Cud Foods

Cub Foods, lovingly called Cub, is a supermarket chain that operates entirely in Minnesota and Illinois. However, its products are of such high quality and so popular that people are often known to drop in at a Cub store from the nearby states. Even tourists prefer the Cub Foods store for their grocery shopping needs […]

Publix Super Market Inc.

Publix Super Market Inc.

Publix Super Market Inc. is one of the largest grocery chains in the US, operating mostly in the Southeastern region. Did you know that it is also one of the biggest employee-owned corporations in the country? While a major part of the stakes is owned by the Jenkins family (founders), the rest of the business […]