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Bob Evans, a wildly popular restaurant chain in the US, has brought authentic, home-cooked country cuisine from small towns to large cities! Founded well over 70 years ago, Bob Evans serves exclusively in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern regions of the country. A typical breakfast at the outlet comprises egg whites, turkey sausages, hotcakes, and freshly cut fruits. This dish is popularly called Fresh Fit Farmer. Alternatively, you can have their super-delicious Belgian waffles with smoked ham. And their seafood is to die for; you’ve got to try out their grilled salmon!

Too tired or apprehensive to visit Bob Evans’ physical restaurant? Let us assure you that the utmost care is taken during food preparation so that none of the customers have to worry about getting infected with COVID-19. But you are, of course, welcome to order in. Safety is their primary concern during delivery too! And don’t forget to leave your feedback at while you are at it.

You may be wondering why Bob Evans would need a feedback portal when they already provide such excellent service. The thing is, Bob Evans has close to 500 outlets throughout the US, and most of their top executives are based in New Albany, Ohio where their headquarters are at. So, they can’t know for certain how their restaurants in other parts of the country are doing. That is where you, the customer, come in.

By taking the survey at, you will be providing the executives with a first-hand account of your experience at their outlet. If, say, you didn’t find the ambiance of the resto satisfactory, you can mention it in the survey. Once your feedback reaches the headquarters, the authorities will make sure to improve the ambiance of that particular location. Thus, your opinions will not only help the Bob Evans people improve their services, but will also give you exactly what you need from the experience!

Why Customer Satisfaction Survey:

The main answer to this question is mentioned in the previous section – mutual benefit. You help them improve their services, after which you can enjoy the improvements yourselves! On top of that, Bob Evans is also providing numerous other benefits to make the survey-taking process easier. For instance, their feedback website was developed by professionals who know what the customer wants – quick loading speeds, minimal to zero adverts, and to-the-point content.

Even the BobEvansListens survey questionnaire was prepared by experts! Every participant can easily understand what is being asked and respond with the appropriate answer. Most of those questions will ask you to rate a particular service or the premises. And if you wish to describe your visit in detail, which will be immensely appreciated by the authorities, then you can fill in your experience in the comment boxes provided.

However, the benefit that every survey-taker will love is the free discount! At the end of the survey, you will receive an exclusive validation code that can be redeemed at any Bob Evans restaurant for a $4 discount!

Get $4 Off Coupon in BobEvansListens.smg Survey:

It may sound easy to get this amazing discount, but being eligible to take the survey is quite a task. We have eased it out for you below.

Survey Requirements

  • Bob Evans is available in 18 US states. So, though you should ideally be a resident of either of those states, feel free to take the survey even if you aren’t! But you should be a US citizen.
  • 18 is also the minimum age for taking the survey.
  • Since the survey at is only available online, you should have a laptop or computer with a strong internet connection to get the free discount.
  • Since the regions in which Bob Evans restaurants are active also contain people who speak Spanish, the survey is available in both English and Spanish.
  • A recent Bob Evans receipt is mandatory to fill in the questionnaire and receive the discount.

Survey Restrictions

  • Anyone who is employed by Bob Evans in any capacity, then be they a server or the CEO, cannot take part in the BobEvansListens survey. If you are one of those, then your immediate family will also not be allowed to take it.
  • You should have visited and ordered at the restaurant at least 3 days ago, beyond which the survey code on your receipt won’t be accepted.
  • The validation discount code cannot be redeemed if it is more than 3 weeks old.
  • The $4 off cannot be redeemed by a third party.
  • You are forbidden to sell the code for cash.
  • No more than one person per validation code can avail of the discount.
  • Not every Bob Evans outlet is participating in this promotion, so make sure that your nearest one is.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Log on to, the official feedback portal of the restaurant.
  2. Switch to Spanish if you want by clicking the relevant link on the homepage.
  3. Enter the 20-digit survey code found on your recent Bob Evans receipt.
  4. Once the survey is loaded, you will find that each question comes with many options. Read those carefully and pick the one that best describes your experience.
  5. Feel free to enter your details to receive many exciting promotional offers from Bob Evans.
  6. After submitting the survey, you will receive the unique validation code to be redeemed at a participating Bob Evans outlet.

Remember that the BobEvansListens $4 off coupon is valid only for purchases of $20 or above.

About Bob Evans:

The namesake, Bob Evans, an Ohio-based farmer, founded the first Bob Evans restaurant in 1948 in Gallipolis. Later, along with family and friends, he developed Bob Evans Farms, Inc., a company that accommodated his restaurant business. After experiencing great success throughout its tenure, the Bob Evans’ restaurant division was acquired by a subsidiary of Golden Gate Capital in 2017. The farms and food division was sold to Post Holdings in the same year.

Today, there are over 500 Bob Evans outlets throughout the US. Help them grow even more by taking the survey at, their official feedback website. Get a $4 discount in return!

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