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BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings, lovingly called BJ’s, is a members-only warehouse club in the US. This means that you can’t walk into the store without a valid membership card. And once you are a member, then a whole new world of a variety of products at really attractive prices will be open for you! Right from the biggies like home furniture and sports goods to everyday items like clothes and groceries, BJ’s has it all! And your savings on each of those products will be a lot more than if you were to buy them at a regular department store.

In the wake of the coronavirus, BJ’s has taken the best precautions known to man at each one of their outlets. It will be as if you’d never left the safety of your home! And since they have gone to so much trouble to make your shopping as secure as possible, why don’t you leave them splendid feedback at, their official survey website?

Since thousands of customers visit a BJ’s store despite the ongoing pandemic, you may think that they won’t be able to keep their environment safe. You can never be more wrong! Every customer is checked for temperature and possible symptoms before they are allowed entry inside. And each product rack is thoroughly sanitized regularly. So why should you leave the feedback? The thing is, though they have a set procedure in place, the employees are human, and they may sometimes fail to follow the rules due to busy activity.

During your visit, if you felt that any of the rules and regulations are not followed, or if the premises are unclean, then you can make a note of that anomaly in the survey. But you don’t need to leave your feedback only if you find something amiss. Feel free to log on to even if you had a stellar experience at BJ’s! The authorities at the headquarters would like to know what a good job they are doing at that particular outlet.

Why Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Won’t it be better if you spent your valuable time assessing all that you purchased at BJ’s and arranging the products in their proper place at your home? We agree with you, but not completely. It will take you a lot less time to leave your BJs feedback than to arrange those products. If you think the survey is a waste of time, then not more than 10 minutes of your time will be wasted. But we, on the other hand, think that you have a lot more to gain in taking the survey than not.

For the time that you spend on the survey, you will be rewarded ten-fold! First off, the BJ’s authorities will take your feedback at into consideration, and if you have mentioned any anomalies in there, then they will be taken care of. Thus, on your next visit to BJ’s, you will experience improved service! Additionally, the survey questions are multiple-choice, so just pick the answer and move ahead!

Secondly, you will gain an exclusive, free entry into their exciting sweepstakes. The feedback winner will receive a cool $500 gift card! Not a bad deal, eh?

Win BJ’s Gift Card in

The process is simple: fulfill a certain set of requirements, make sure that you aren’t flouting any rules, and fill in the questionnaire!

BJS Feedback

Survey Requirements

  • Since BJ’s is only present on the east coast of the US, you should be a resident of that area.
  • The BJs feedback portal is only available for participants who are over 18. The minimum age of 19 is set for Alabama and Nebraska residents and 21 for those in Mississippi.
  • For online entry, you will require a BJ’s receipt. Thus, a purchase must be made at the outlet before taking the survey.
  • The survey is only available in English, so you must know the language inside-out.
  • A device with an internet connection is required for online entry.

Survey Restrictions

  • BJ’s employees, right from store assistants and managers to the board of directors and owners, are excluded from participating in feedback. Their families are also not allowed on the portal. The list even includes sponsors, associates, judges, etc.
  • No more than one participant per BJ’s receipt is allowed.
  • If the survey prize or invitation is not mentioned on your receipt, then you won’t be allowed to leave your feedback.
  • If you win the $500 gift card, then you cannot sell or transfer it to anyone else. Only you are allowed to use it.
  • You cannot take the survey more than once a month.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Click on the link –
  2. Go through the official sweepstakes rules.
  3. Select ‘No’ if you or your immediate family isn’t employed by BJ’s.
  4. Select the type of location where you visited the outlet.
  5. Enter the details asked for, like the store or site number, date, transaction ID, etc.
  6. Give your honest ratings and answer the survey questionnaire.
  7. Type in your email ID to get a free entry into the sweepstakes.

If you don’t win the BJs feedback $500 gift card, then don’t lose hope. They are giving away the grand prize every single month!

About BJ’s:

Unlike most other businesses, BJ’s wasn’t started from scratch. An already established discount department firm, Zayre, founded the first membership-based store in 1984. The very first president of that club named it after his daughter’s initials, Beverly Jean. However, he didn’t last as long as the president, giving up his throne in 1987. But the company didn’t falter one bit!
Today, BJ’s has over 216 locations throughout the East Coast of the US, 136 of which are at prime gas stations. Their plans for further expansion are already in place, they are only awaiting your feedback at You might just win the $500 prize after taking the survey!

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54 thoughts on “BJS Feedback – The Official BJ’s Survey”

  1. I enjoy shopping at BJs we just became a member just a little a month ago. I found it to be a great fit for my family. I can go in and not really worry about a lot of people doing the early morning hours in the week. Because I am immune compromise.

  2. We are members of BJ.s and just want whoever is in charge to know the girl working the gas station is one heck of a worker. Her name is Rose. She is very pleasant and always greets with a smile. She also works on all the pumps if the others need help. She is all over and never stops moving. Now that is an excellent worker and needs to be acknowledged.

  3. Love shopping at BJs Old Bridge NJ. We went to BJs today — couldn’t find the package of 12 hamburgers we usually buy. We asked a BJs employee who was working stocking the refrigerated cases if they had any hamburgers in the back. The employee, Christopher, stopped what he was doing and went to check for us. He was so polite, friendly and accommodating. Christopher was back within 5 minutes with a package of hamburgers for us. Customer service is the best at this BJs.

  4. LOve shopping at the bjs in millsboro de. always willing to help, ver friendly associates and gives great customer service


  6. We shop at BJ’s store, they have good price and coupons which save us a lot of money. We use nothing but BJ’s gas also.

  7. I visited BJ’s in California MD today. A young man by the name of Zachary was kind enough to assist me. He was very professional and so helpful, a pleasure to meet and interact with him. The manager kindly told me about the survey, sadly I did not get her name.

  8. I Love shopping at BJ there clerk are so professional and polite.Also manager Ms Amanda and Ms Keisha are the best.


  10. I got 50 cents off of gas last week after spending over $100. Thrilled to see that BJs is doing way more to tame inflation than anyone else. I always use regular check out. Cashiers always friendly and helpful, 40including cashier 405667 who checked me out today.

  11. We go to BJ’s because you get great prices and quality meet . We save a lot of money , Because we break the meet up and get several dinners that saves us a lot. Plus we get a discount on Gas that’s always good..
    so thank you BJ’s .

  12. I appreciate BJ’s gas savings and rebates, and go out of my way to use that service. It’s the best around!

  13. I love shopping at BJ’s. You cannot beat the price of gasoline per gallon.
    Also, I enjoy food shopping in that the store layout and signs make it very easy to find what you are looking for.

  14. Have been a member for some time now. Shop at the Victor, NY location!
    Great folks!
    Especially Mark B.!!!
    A knowledgeable gentleman and was very thorough in his assistance to me.I will continue to work with Mark B when ever he is on shift!!!
    Steve Dobrowal

  15. I am very pleased when I shop at the BJ’s in Pelham Manor, NY. The employees are always very courteous and professional. The customer service representative’s always are extremely helpful. They take your returns and quickly reimburse you your cash or credit your debit or credit card. I am glad they still require you to wear a mask while shopping. I read somewhere on your website that temperatures were being taken as shoppers entered the store, but that is not true at the BJ’s in Pelham Manor, NY. The temperature of its shoppers were never taken since the beginning of the pandemic.

  16. I enjoy shopping at BJs, the assoicates are always polite and courteous. I am almost always pleased with my purchases ( the rare times I am not are not significant to mention). I love how my coupons are loaded onto my card so that I don’t have to cut and process the coupons at the checkout. Wait times are minimal .

  17. We shopped for the first time at the Lancaster BJ’s. was so impressed! The cookie smell was mouthwatering when you entered & stock super nice. Ours in Chambersburg, Pa can’t compare. Lancasters will be our go to place from now on.

  18. I shop weekly , love the meat, deli counter and fresh fruit & veggies. Miss the soup meyers flavors both beef & chicken wish they were back in the store.

  19. Been long time user of BJ’s and have found the service’s one of the best of the box stores. I especially buy all my gas at your station, and found the prices at least 10-20% lower than other local stations.

  20. I enjoy my time shopping at bjs. The checkout people are friendly and funny. I’m not one to go through the self checkout and wish his would add more people checkout s.

  21. I like shopping at BJs. Go there at least once a week. Today I bought wine, cokes, Smart Balance, and of course, Temptations treats for my cat.

  22. I like BJs because always stocked well with good brands and quality products and great produce and meats. During Pandemic Camp Hill store was following CDC protocall and was clean and offered clean cloth for carts and mask if needed. One stop shopping for my family and maintained that throughout year. With all the competiton BJs still offered best prices.

  23. I like shopping at BJs but I don’t know if I’m going to renewal my membership. The trouble I have is with Comenity Bank they send me late statements or no statement and then want to charge me a late fee. I’ve been using my USAA visa card for my purchases at BJs and have had no problems.Sams club has a deal going on if you buy a $45.00 membership they give you a $45.00 gift card so basically it is free

  24. My experience today was amazing. Yes on a busy holiday weekend the cashier that rung me out had the best smile and attitude ever. She really seamed to like her posistion and smiled even though I’m sure today was one of the most hectic this summer. Made my day great, thanks cashier #428974.

  25. we always spend more than we should you have the best stuff. we try to buy the things that get us the gas for lower prices, of course ,but I always spend more when I bring my 38-year-old daughter with me .

  26. shopped today, forgot my coupon book at home, they gave me one and the items that i was shopping for were not in the book for were expired. they should always have the current book when a customer asks. not one that has most of its cupons expired.

  27. I enjoy shopping at BJ’S. Like the selection of Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health, Amberen, Wellsley Farms Decaffeinated Coffee, Oscar Mayer Wieners, Soy Silk Milk, Patriotic Brownie Platter Fudge Iced, Sliders Bread, Wellsley Farms White Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Jimmy Dean Sausage, Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs, Multigrain Rolls Sandwich Thins, Reeses Miniature Cups.

  28. Chris.R in the deli dept. is the absalute best. he is my above and beyond employee of the year. i gave up hope on good costumer service and he he gave me reason to keep hope alive. i sulute you Chris and thank you for all you have done for me today. you rock Chris and i hope this is displayed for all to see.

  29. Went to the Bj’s Store in Bangor I was looking for Crest Toothbrush heads; I was looking and a nice gentlemen came over to look everywhere to try to help he was such a friendly and helpful employee it was a pleasure to have him taking his time to help. As I was leaving I heard him helping a few other ladies. Great employee great experience for sure. Got a great deal at the register to get the Gold Card for a discounted price.

  30. i would be lost if BJS was not so close to home. Being on social security i shop the beginning of the month and stock up. What a bonus after shopping to fill up on gas. The shelves are getting more stocked and more options. also enjoy the personnel , great help.

  31. i do all my shopping at BJS, ENJOY GAS bonus advertising, prices are very reasonable, glad to see stocks is getting back to having shelves stocked, checking out is easy when you go to self service and service help is right there to help you

  32. Employees are very hepful.. The only problem I run into the constant changing items around into different aisles. Prices are good

  33. My wife and I visited the store today and were very pleased with the price and quality. We have been members for the entire time the store has been open in Batavia, New York. The employees are very courteous and more than willing to help in every situation. Always a pleasure to shop there.