Bimini Island Travel Guide

bimini island

The Bimini Islands in the Bahamas is a chain of islands that has everything a traveler might want to explore on a fun holiday. From beaches and diving deep into the water to exciting nightlife and casinos, this is a perfect place to relax. Here, you will love the calming blue waves, delectable food, and mesmerizing beaches in this stunning vacation destination. 

bimini islands

If you are planning to go on a tropical holiday, do explore Bimini Island. It is one of the favorite places for globetrotters. When you visit the Bimini Islands, you will be treated to excellent sightseeing, adventure, and a dose of history. The best time to visit the Bimini Islands is from December till April.

Did you know that Martin Luther King, Jr. penned down parts of his Nobel Prize-winning speech here? Also, Bimini was one of the favorite holiday spots of the popular American novelist Ernest Hemingway. Section one of his novel Island in the Stream is titled “The Sea When Young” and is set on Bimini Island.

The island is located on the western coast of the Bahamas. North Bimini and South Bimini are the two halves of the island. The North Bimini Island is a bit crowded, whereas the south Bimini Island is tranquil and peaceful. 

The place hosts various fun activities for the tourists like one can enjoy scuba diving, a relaxing time at the beach, fishing, and much more. 

How to get around the Bimini Island

The best way to explore this beautiful island is on a golf cart. However, if you want to explore every nook and cranny of the city, then rent a bicycle. You can also opt for a shuttle service. To navigate between North and South Bimini, a boat is also a good option. Taxi service is limited here as the island is small.

Things to do on Bimini Islands

The place is loaded with experience that is going to fill your heart with a lot of memories. Here is what you can enjoy when holidaying on Bimini Islands.

Immerse Yourself at the Scenic Beaches:  You can lazily sit along the picturesque and uncrowded beaches of this Caribbean tropical heaven, soaking yourself in the leisurely experience. You may take a stroll along the beach enjoying the calming effect the waters have on the soul. The calm blue waves are ideal for relaxing with friends and family. Honeymoon Harbour on Gun Cay, North Beach, Radio Beach, and Spook Hill Beach are some of the prominent beaches worth visiting. Also, go for the Stingray Encounter tour!

Water Sports for an adrenaline rush: Take your holiday fun to the next level with a variety of water sports here. Scuba diving, snorkeling with corals and marine animals, renting a sailboat or jet Ski are a few options to enjoy a perfect beach vacation on Bimini Island. Do carry your beach slippers, dive shoes, and underwater camera. You can also enjoy a kayak, banana boat, or paddleboat ride. Also, how about a floating ocean water hammock experience.

Gallant lady shipwreck: Bimini Island is also known for its Shipwrecks. Its Gallant Lady Shipwreck is quite popular among tourists. The ship got washed up in 1997. It is a beautiful spot and perfect for the shutterbugs. On the white sand, with the azure water as a backdrop, the shattered and rusted frame of the ship rises tall. Enjoy an awe-inspiring experience.

Explore the SS Sapona Wreckage:  Sapona is a great place to go if you want to have an exotic aquatic adventure. During the hurricane of 1920, a concrete ship was damaged which was used to transport troops during the Second World War. The shipwreck is presently anchored 15 feet above a reed just a few miles off the coast of South Bimini. The place has earned popularity for scuba diving and snorkeling activities. One can also explore exotic marine life and corals. 

The fabled fountain of youth: The much talked about Fountain of Youth at Bimini Island is a key attraction of this place. Although no such place has yet been discovered, the locals of the place say that one can find a natural wellspring. The limestone rock works as a natural filter that clears the water of impurities. This water has the potential to imbue good health in the one who drinks water from this spring. So, make sure you take a halt at this place. 

Bimini Bull Run: Your trip to Bimini Islands is incomplete without the Bimini Bull Run. This real shark experience (don’t worry, you’ll be in a strong and secure cage) will undoubtedly fill you with excitement and a sense of adventure. 

The lost city of Atlantis: If you are looking for a unique activity at Bimini Island, then this is the place to be. The Bimini Road is also called the lost city of Atlantis. There is a mysterious rock that lies 15 feet under the sea close to North Bimini Island. Many locals believe that this rock is the relics of Atlantis, the legendary lost city. You can also take a stroll through the downtown streets apart from exploring the historic landmark. The streets are lined by restaurants, cafes, and hotels. Don’t miss dining by the seaside when you are here.

Alice Town: This town is on North Bimini Island. The place is a tourist attraction, it offers some amazing places to stay, eateries, and bars. Some Alice Town attractions are the Dolphin House Museum, Beach Radio, Bimini Scuba Center of Neal Watson, Wheelhouse Golf Cart Rentals, and Bahamas Pocket WiFi. Don’t miss to hit the towns of Bailey and Porgy Bay as well. You can go souvenir shopping, enjoy delectable delicacies and local flowers.

Go for a fun Hiking Experience:  If you are a nature lover, then this place allows you to go hiking. The incredibly famous Bimini Nature Hiking trail unfolds a magical experience to this place’s exotic flora and fauna. Birdwatchers should not miss a trip to Bimini Boa Island, which is home to a variety of magnificent iguana species as well as other birds. 

If you are not confident about going on a hike all by yourself, you can go for a Guided Tour. These also help you know about the historic sites like the Conch House and tell you about birds and plant varieties as you move ahead on the trail.

Top Tips for Getting to the Bahamas through the Gulf Stream

If you are planning a boat trip to Bimini from Florida, the Gulf Stream is one of the most significant factors to consider.

This fast-moving current originates in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico and moves northward as part of the North Atlantic Gyre. 

If the wind is blowing from the north, avoid crossing the Gulf Stream, especially if the wind is over 15 knots since it will make the crossing uncomfortable at best and disastrous at worst. The second factor to consider is the speed of your boat.

Places to stay at the Bimini Island

You might stay in one of the many exquisite boutique hotels that open directly onto the beach, or you can stay in a more budget-friendly hotel. Beach hotels on Bimini Islands offer the best coastal accommodations. The Resorts World Bimini is one of the finest places to stay at the Islands North Bimini. There are other hotels on the islands in the streams that offer you a nice stay. 


The legendary turquoise water of Bimini Island is packed with adventure. You can get into game fishing or explore the vibrant flora and fauna or enjoy the ocean’s cool breeze while strolling around the beaches. The place is not going to disappoint you. So, plan a trip to Bimini Islands without a doubt!

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