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If you recently shopped at a Big Lots store, you can now rate your shopping experience, and give comments and suggestions at Big Lots is a popular name among Americans, and unsurprisingly you may have once or severally shopped for consumable goods, kids’ toys, or seasonal items in one of the company’s outlets. The retail is famed for its discount retailing strategy that spans for more than 45 years.

Big Lots values its customers’ opinions and looks forward to serving them better with improved products and services. It’s for this reason that the company invites its customers to a customer satisfaction evaluation that you can find at The questionnaires at Big Lots Survey com takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Big Lots customer satisfaction assessment is not all about providing suggestions, commenting on your shopping experience, and pouring out your dislikes and likes for the company. You get an excellent opportunity to win a $1000 gift card, but keep in mind the stipulated requirements, restrictions, and steps to participate easily and increase your chance of winning. Stick around as we guide you through everything about Big Lots Survey.

Why The Big Lots Customer Satisfaction Survey?

The business world is increasingly becoming competitive, with consumers now shifting to online shopping, more businesses taking on digital marketing aggressively, and customers relying on online resources to make buying decisions. Companies need to implement ways to source customer’s feedback on their services and products so that they can make appropriate adjustments that will get them more customers and increase the loyalty of the existing ones. One of the best techniques for obtaining customer feedback is a guest satisfaction survey.

The objective of the Big Lots Customer Survey is no different from the rest, with the questionnaire giving participants an excellent opportunity to outline their comments and suggestions that serve as the basis of future improvements. Big Lots, with its objective of providing its customers with the top shopping experience, analyzes the feedback, gets an insight into what its customers want, and uses the overviews to make critical resolutions. So, if you look to be served better at Big Lots during your subsequent visit, be sure to fill out the online questionnaire.

As mentioned earlier, the company appreciates the sacrifice made by its customers to complete the survey by giving them a chance to win a $1000 gift card. You only need to visit the BigLots Survey site via the link provided in this guide, fill in the required details, and satisfactorily answer the questions to enroll in the sweepstake. Here’s a guide on winning with Big Lots Customer Survey.

How to WIN a Gift Card in Big Lots Customer

BigLots Syrvey

Survey requirements

  • You must have with you a recent BigLots survey invitation or sales receipt to enter the required details, including the store, visit date and time, register number, store number, and amount of purchase.
  • Participants must have a commendable understanding of English or Spanish since survey is only available in the two languages.
  • You should be at least 18 years of age to participate in this survey
  • You should enter the correct personal details, especially the contact information, since the company contacts winners via the email address or phone number they provide in BigLots Survey.
  • Use a device with a Javascript-enabled browser, be it a smartphone, desktop computer, laptop, or tablet, and have access to a fast and reliable internet connection.
  • You should be willing to spend some time completing Big Lots Survey.
  • Only the legal US and District of Columbia residents are eligible to participate in Big Lots Customer Survey.

Survey Restrictions

  • You cannot participate in the survey if you are a family member, employee, sponsor, marketing personnel, or an affiliate connected in any way to the Big Lots fraternity.
  • Any feedback having some elements of prejudice or partiality is nullified
  • Winning the survey gift is mainly dependent on the fulfillment of outlined restrictions and requirements.
  • The survey is not allowed in US oversea military installations, territories, and possessions.
  • Fraudulent attempts are highly discouraged.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Use your device’s browser to visit the survey site via this link, making sure you have the sales receipt with you.
  2. Once the BigLots Survey site loads, you will be requested to choose between English and Espanol. Pick a language you are proficient with to facilitate easy understanding and answering of the questions.
  3. Grab your receipt and fill in the register, store, and purchase numbers.
  4. Choose the amount of purchase listed on your receipt and proceed to enter the date and time of purchase printed on your receipt.
  5. Click on the “START” button to load Big Lots survey, upon which you are directed to a page asking you rate your overall satisfaction with the experience you had at Big Lots.
  6. Click on the “NEXT” button to load the survey questions. Answer them honestly.
  7. Having answered the survey questions and loading the next page, you will be requested to provide personal details, including full name, email address, and phone number. Again, give the correct information.
  8. Check that you have provided the correct information, ensuring that it meets the Big Lots Survey requirements before submitting your feedback.

How to Enter Big Lots Sweepstakes Without a Purchase?

You can also enter the company’s sweepstakes without making a purchase at any of its participating stores or filling the online survey questionnaire. Here are the steps to follow.

Write your full name, address, zip code, city, birthday, and phone number on a 3*5-inch card.

Mail the card to the following address:

Big Lots! Guest Experience Survey Sweepstakes Entry,

625, Panorama Trail, Suite 2100,

Rochester, NY 14625-2437.

Alternatively, you can visit a Big Lots store without purchasing anything, but enter the sweepstakes by participating in a short online survey. Visit the BigLots Survey site via this link and enter the state, city, and the store’s address to start the survey. 

About BigLots

Big Lots was established as Consolidated International, Inc in 1867 by Sol Shenk, a recognized visionary in the discount retail market. When setting out, Shenk concentrated on offering fantastic closeout deals, especially on vehicles and auto parts. Consolidated International launched Big Lots in 1982

Over the next years in business, the Consolidated chain grew to include stores operating under the names Odd Lots, Big Lots, Pic n’ Save, and Mac Frugal’s Bargains Closeout. The stores were converted to a single brand, the Big Lots in 2001, with the company being headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Big Lots operates more than 1350 stores in 47 US states.

Form closeout establishment to discount retailing, Big Lot’s objective has been to help its customers save on all kinds of products. Today, the company deals in a broad variety of brand items and high-quality products, including furniture, electronics and accessories, toys, food, home decor, seasonal items, gifts, and electronic & accessories. Its mission is to help people live BIG and save LOTS.

The company’s vision is being a great difference for improved life by offering products with unsurpassed value, building an excellent work culture, and rewarding its shareholders with top-tier returns and consistent growth.

Big Lots Survey Links

Contact Big Lots

Phone: 1 (866) 244-5687

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156 thoughts on “Big Lots Survey – – Win Gift Card”

  1. Recently visited the Milford, Ct store, and a very nice lady named AZRA was extremely helpful. I went there to retreive some more cushions for our wicker furniture. She had kept them in the back stockroom awaiting my pickup time. I mentioned to her that it is very rare today someone being so helpful, and courteous to customers. She deserves a raise, for being so helpful and going out of her way to earn our business!!!

  2. I just shopped at the Big Lots store in Duarte, .ca.
    Gracie was a wonderful person who helped me when I needed to find things, she took the time to answer all of my questions & she was the nicest person who displayed the best definition of great customer service. She was very calm, very knowledgeable & has a wonderful way of making a customer feel good while shopping at your store. She was caring, attentive & has a good sense of humor. We need many, many more gracies in our life.

  3. I met “Carol”, an employee at Store 5311 in Mooresville, NC, a few months ago. She was an absolute delight and every time I go the store, I seek her out. She is “extremely” helpful, always puts the customer first, and has a warm, friendly demeanor about her. I have viewed her interaction with others and NOTHING ruffles her feathers as the old saying goes. She clearly has a positive attitude and puts others at ease. I tease her that if I was still a working lady, I would “steal” her away from the store as I always worked hard to have people of her caliber as members of my staff. She’s a true blessing and I pray that the store recognizes this fine lady. She’s a rare commodity in this turmoil atmosphere we are all dealing with. Keep up the great work, Carol, and thank you for being YOU! Claudette Hladik

  4. No k e at the store ever told me about your 20 percent deductible in returns without a receipt. In fortunately it’s I. Small print on back of receipt that no one ever looks at. All I wanted to do is trade a 85:00 set of pots and pans for other item in your store. I have never been to a store that didn’t give you full store credit for items purchased knowing they would be spending same amount of money on other items. Very poor customer service. Then for you to require a drivers license to get the store credit which I feel was very invasive to my personal information. I will never ship at your store again and will pass on my experience to all that I know and let them know how you run business

  5. Fairmont WV biglots helped me out so much yesterday.Its only me and grandson who I’ve raised since birth he is 5 w austism..we have no family or friends so Xmas shopping is very hard cause I have to take him in every store.A young guy saw me hiding things under my arm so axel would not see it,I left things sticking out the back of my arm pit lol..He offered to walk axel around the store so I could find him a few gifts. Very first time I ever had help during any holiday.i want to thank him so much and never got his name..

  6. I was inside store #1817 this morning quite early & I shopped around a bit for things for my home, which I found everything I needed. When checking out I met the sweetest lady I have ever met. I cannot recall her name but it was about 8:30 this morning & she checked me out. She mentioned that she had worked at Macy’s dept. store also if that helps to recognize her. So my point is that she was just so kind, professional, friendly, helpful & relatable. I also got to meet the manager I believe. A lady around my age (45) shorter, blonde hair. That was around sane time, maybe around 9 am & she car out w/ a register drawer. These ladies were AMAZING, I LOVE THAT PARTICULAR BIG LOTS BECAUSE OF THE FAMILIAR FACES. ESPECIALLY after COVID-19. I don’t go to any other big lots because that typically isn’t the same experience. Plz recognize these ladies!

  7. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BIG LOTS! I live in a town where there is absolutely nothing around except a Piggly Wiggly and a Dollar General. I have to travel 25 miles to get to a Big Lots. Probably make it there twice a year when I am lucky! I will spend at LEAST 2 or 3 hours in there. They have so much to offer at such unbelievable prices! And so many different options compared to regular stores.

  8. Carol from the wadsworth oh biglots is the very best lady they ever hired..personable,quick,and hard working makes everyone feel welcome! Also Steve has been the very best manager they could have found by far.they deserve a bonus!

  9. Very pleased with the array of products. Salespersons were polite and helpful. The store was clean and orderly. I plan to return often.

  10. Staff is always friendly and helpful store is always clean and items are easily found I love shopping at this Kirby location one of my favorite stores

  11. Bought a recliner in Tupelo store on Friday October 1 and today got ad today of this chair being marked down a hundred dollars. Can I return this chair now and obtain this savings.

  12. Associate Karen and that other lady behind her provide excellent customer service.. She is very welcoming and making sure that her customer are taking care of.

  13. Visited Big Lots in Gardner, MA today. Our check out person, Dan, was very friendly, professional, and helpful.

  14. Arrowhead Town Center Store is always a treat to visit! All employees are friendly and helpful. Store is laid out beautifully. I usually come with specific items in mind and end up with really cool decorator items. Always get compliments from friends about purchases made there. And its now 5 minutes from home. Bad for me but good for Big Lots!

  15. Alley went Above & Beyond an getting a price on a Chucky Shirt that really caught my eye. She took her time with helping me and was very friendly & Polite throughout talking to supervisor in regards to price tag. I ask Alley, if she could take my number an call me back once she received a price, and she did. I give Alley “Excellent Wonderful Customer Service.

  16. I was shopping and Keyana helped me purchase a mattress for my daughter she knew the products so well she also helped multiple people while assisting me

  17. Vicki was extremely helpful and patient with me. She helped me to find the Jamestown Sofa and Loveseat that I was looking for. She kept me informed and recognized me personally when I stopped in to see if the shipment had arrived. Thanks very much.

  18. I love big lots! Love the service at orangevale/Folsom. Suggestion – have register clerks greet or direct conversation with “sir” or “mame”. Rather than nicknames like hon, sweet pea or sugar. Totally not appropriate and makes things a little uncomfortable. Other than that great experience.

  19. The store was clean and orderly. The help was friendly. Lots of employees behind the register (6) but only one checking. After the line got long a second register was opened. Ashley was very professional, and apologetic for the wait. Overall good rating.

  20. I like going to your store and people that are very friendly especially Tara she is very helpful while I’m there at the Hermitage store.

  21. 8-29-2021
    We, wanted to do ,& win, your, to Win $1,000., doesn’t work, still?
    Please, enter Us☆& put prices on your store items, please?

  22. I always have good experiences at Big Lots. The prices and customer services are very good. The quality of merchandise is not bad either.

  23. Your Olympia store 4650 is fantastic! We shop here all the time. All of the employees are beyond wonderful. David and Sue helped me recently in the furniture department and really made my purchase so easy. I will always rate your store a 10

  24. We purchased the large floor sample on Sale gazebo tent from the North Hollywood ,Calif
    and we needed lots of information and planning for it to be dismantled and boxed for shipping to Thailand. Curtis helped us and was complete in every detail including calling us
    The next day and and letting us know the progress. He took the initiative to personally box it for us to pick up that next evening . When we arrived he was there waiting and prepared with all our boxes and information needed. He is charming and has a delightful accent from South Carolina. I was really impressed and especially how well he followed thru. He should be managing the store, maybe he already
    Is. Great employee and great customer relation skills. He made it happen start to finish.

    1. We purchased a floor sample Gazebo at the North Hollywood,California store
      and Austin was our guy. We feel he was fantastic and charming. He took great attention to detail and followed thru with calling and getting it ready for puck up the next evening..
      He has great customer relations skills . He is terrific and made our purchase easy and he himself followed thru all the way with boxing and puck up with us the following day.
      He is a keeper and should be a manager

  25. I (customer #42187606 ) visited the Big Lots store#5151 Gravois Bluffs Fenton Mo. 63026 on 7/19/2021 @3:23 pm.
    I want to commend you on a wonderful lady named Sonja who I have had the pleasure of being helped by twice. She was very kind and helped me find my coupon. Her smile brightened my day.
    Also this store is one of the cleanest and well organized stores I have had the pleasure of visiting. ❤️

  26. It is a great place and affordable for middle-class,who cannot buy expensive things. It makes a dream come truce first a common people like me. Thank you Big lots!

  27. I went to Big Lots looking for patio chairs and an associate named Martha came up and saw what was in my cart and asked if I was a rewards member. She went out of her way to help me get a 20% discount for my purchase by telling me to check my email for coupons. Sure enough I had an email with a 20% coupon!!! She was friendly and very helpful and I was so thankful for her help!

  28. Joanne was helpful at Checkout. She was friendly and courteous. She assisted me in finding what I was looking forward.

  29. Joanne helped me at Checkout. She was friendly and helpful. She assisted me in finding what I was looking for.

  30. I would like to say thank you to associate Tanisha At the Chapel Hill Douglasville Location You made my shopping experience absolutely Amazing I felt as though I was the only customer in the Store and you were there just for me . You went above and Beyond And exceeded my expectation…i bought the two drawer desk and you took it to my Car And assistant Me In downloading my coupons kudos to You Again thank You The customer with the green tea


  32. My experience at the West Mifflin Big Lots was excellent. Scott helped me with what I needed, was thorough, friendly and polite. Thanks to Scott I was very satisfied and will be back again & again

  33. Payton-culver city ca store she was very professional,knowledgeable and patient. Am nearing 75 years old. Explained situation regarding my online order. Thank you so much.

  34. My store is #0254, I love it. Javan in furniture is awesome. Everyone is very helpful and friendly.

  35. I shop at big lots in lynn ma a lot and hate the new store design racks I front of the door you have to maneuver around to even get into the store seems like a fire Hazzard to me also and to get to the new check out registers it’s the same thing just terrible

  36. I always find what I am looking for a Big Lots. Today I shopped at the Aurora, In location and Clara was very nice.

  37. We purchased a sofa from Big Lots. We had excellent help from each of these employees: J. Trent, Robert and Lisa. Reminded us of military discount. Thanked my husband for his service. They were all courteous, happy and helpful. We will go back!

  38. I love shopping at Big Lots. I’m a frequent shopper and a card holder. This is my go to store

  39. Sarah at the Frankfort, Ky location was so very helpful. She helped me apply for a Big Lots credit card. One of the items I purchased was cracked and damaged, she refunded me my money because there was not another of the same item available. Sarah was very polite, great customer service skills. Excellent

  40. I visited the mesquite store today, and the merchandise I went to buy wasn’t on the floor for me to purchase. One of the sales clerks went to the back and found one for me and I was very pleased. I also was able to dream shop while I was there so I will be coming back to shop.

  41. The big lots store # is 4640 in centralia IL. Customer service was great! My husband and I were buying furniture and melissa was right there answering all of our questions and checking the back to see what’s available. She was so friendly. It was a real good experience and the store was clean!

  42. I went to the Riverhead NY Store and was pleased to notice how clean and organized it was. Lots of inventory and the Cammie was very pleasant at the register.

  43. The best experience I’ve ever had buying a mattress from a local salesman here in Englewood, Florida Big Lots by a salesman named Dave. Very knowledgeable and professional. Took his time with me on such an important decision as I have a bad back.

  44. I am extremely unhappy with my shopping experience. One gets charged more at register than price marked on item. Fraud.

  45. I shop at the Upland store #4042 often and Linda is ALWAYS so cheerful and helpful. I look forward to her smile and kindness ☺!!!!
    I’m commenting on this because the other survey option wasn’t helpful.
    Hopefully she will be thanked!

  46. Michelle was a very helpful person to me and my dad, also her and a another employee gave me complements

  47. Thank you Claire and Victor at the Corona, CA store for helping me with my purchase tonight. I am sure I will enjoy my Broyhill daybed swing. You guys have a wonderful team.

  48. The deals are amazing and Rosie was an amazing help and needs to be promoted because she did a great job.

  49. ive been shopping there for years always great people always helpful and prices are great joan brethauer

  50. I appreciated the attention,and patience that Jessica showed towards me,when I brought my items.

  51. During a recent visit on May 24, 2021at 5pm. to the Big Lot store in Freehold, NJ, I was very impressed with the sales associate and quality of service. I want to commend Linda for taking time to help me complete my purchase. She was able to help me locate the set of chairs that I wanted for the patio. Linda was enthusiastic and eager to please. She was very professional and demonstrated that she enjoyed her job. As a customer, I was quite impressed with her willingness to assist me with the purchase. Linda even stayed overtime to help and ensured the large box was loaded into my car. Linda is a vital member of the Big Lot team and a dedicated Employee for the company.

  52. i like the nice, big aisles that Big Lots has and it is also neat and clean. There are a variety of products at Big Lots with very reasonable prices.

  53. Love shopping at Big Lots because I save enough money to buy other things. I appreciate what they offer because it is a great home store, and affordable. Many times mes, I have used their discount coupons. It’s a Thank You gift from Big Lots! I managed to get my 23-year-old grandson into the store! He’s sold!
    Thank You for allowing me to express myself about your wonderful store.

  54. I went to big lots store and one of your employee comes to us and welcome us and his is Dale he asks if he can help and right away we tell him what’s we are looking for and he went and got us the mattress the we want he went to the register help us and he even walk us to the car and load up the items we’re very please thank you!

  55. My recent purchase at big lots was very easy and comfortable.
    The sales lady Nina was very helpful and polite!!!

  56. I like shopping here everyone always greets you I have bought furniture and other items I love it

  57. Every time I enter Big Lots they always speak and are friendly to me! I have had the best experiences there. The staff has always gone out of the way to make sure that I can buy whatever I desire and have taken time to carry out any item that I cannot carry. I had broken my clavicle bone and the store clerk was always willing to help me pick and carry out any store items that I had bought! Thank you for being great customer service for many years!

  58. I had a good day shopping at the store n everyone doing a good job at the indiana pa store I shop in.

  59. Everytime I shop at Big lots I get get the same sales clearly she is extraordinary ,kind, helpful,all of the above (H. Clay mercury Dr location 😁

  60. The store #4128 is very poorly stocked. Half of the store is just furniture. I have been shopping here for 20 years and the store is in bad need of re-stocking. Lots of items are sold out, i.e. red toilet seat cover, Systane eye lubricant, Ocean Spray Cranberry juice, sardines in oil, large cans of chicken breast (the small ones you can get at the 99c Store for 99c) and many other items. They remade the store and rearranged the shelving so that only one person with a cart can pass. The space is so small it’s ridiculous. I visited some time ago the Reseda store and it was a totally different situation. The space between isles allows two people to pass, the shelves are full of merchandise and I found everything I didn’t find at the store in Van Nuys. The lighting was great too. I used to go to this store #4128 on Sepulveda in Van Nuys several times a week and came out with a lot of stuff. Today I barely bought something for $2.00 that I actually didn’t need. YOU NEED TO IMPROVE THIS STORE OR ELSE YOU WILL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO CLOSE IT DOWN. By the way, I have a rewards card but nothing to buy.

  61. Can always find either what I went in for or something I just might need. Have never been disappointed.

  62. I went to the store on Franklin Mills Blvd and found some great deals on hydrating socks, cat litter, sprite soda, fabric softener and clam chowder soup. No waiting, pleasant cashier and employees in general. Store is pretty organized making it easier to find the merchandise. This is my favorite store. Wish there was one closer to me.

  63. Jennifer @ Store #1487 was super. She could not have been more professional, courteous, and seemed like she actually enjoyed what she was doing. We’d go back, and will, just to have her take care of us. We bought $769- worth of furniture so this was a big deal for us. Customer 54214926. She is very talented and her help was vital to the purchase.

  64. The Big Lots on E Central in Miamisburg is a great place to shop! The employees greet you when you come in an someone is ALWAYS available to ask if you can’t find something. I almost always find what I came in for and I always leave with additional things too. This is a great place to shop and with the furniture items being there, it’s even better!

  65. Kimberly answer all my questions and took the time to scanned all the things that I ask her very nice customer service I will go back.

  66. I love Biglots! I can always find something unique weather I’m looking for it or not. The people are always so friendly and helpful. We recently purchased a 9 Cube Organizer for $29.99 by one get one half price, heck yea! The gentleman in the furniture dept (sorry I didn’t get his name) but he was very helpful and took them to the car for us. The cashier Bree was very pleasant and personable, all in all it was a positive shopping experience. Thank you BIGLOTS and employees.

  67. I had the best experience at # 1667 Delaware, Oh location. The customer service I received was outstanding from Ricky and Andrew in the furniture dept. I will definetly keep shopping this Big Lots 🙂

  68. I love shopping @ Big Lots. I never know what I am going to find there. There’s nothing you can’t find. And the employees are friendly and helpful.

  69. my store is #4672…. I shop this store regularly and have for years… The store is within walking distance for me ….It is one of the cleanest Big Lots I have ever been in…and I will shout it out LOVE CINNAMON… About two years ago I had to buy a clock radio and since I’m a bit long in the tooth I decided on an inexpensive and very simple to use one …. I learned that evening that I’m not good at understanding the directions for set up of electronic gigaws… with the patient time from an young male cashier HE made the electronic nightmare work and it has continued to function without problem… another sweet female cashier reminded me of the shelves that hold sales items and saved the day for me … Thank You Everyone that works for Big Lots ..

  70. Excellent service, extremely clean and tidey store, I was checked out by Megan who was the most curious and friendly not to mention was one of the most pleasant enncounters I had with anyone all day. Very professional and at the same time a complete joy. Wish everyone was as nice and helpful as she was today. My two year old son jack was being a holy terror lol and she didn’t so much as make me feel at all badly. Super great gal y’all got there. Thanks I will be shopping at your store in the future. Thanks big lots. Hopefully hell be better behaved next time in lol. Thanks again. Sincerely. Shannon Grace- Satisfied- Happy customer.

  71. I just returned from BIG LOTS and Christina waited on me. She was very friendly and nice. She even signed me up for the Rewards card🤔.

  72. I tried over seven times to complete your survey!! It never worked!! I followed every instruction to the letter.

  73. I had a terrible experience on Thanksgiving day at Big Lots Store #1867 415 Orchard Ave Ste 7, Altoona, Pa 16601. It all started at check out. The young lady at checkout was not wearing her mask properly and was not standing behind the register shield. However the shield was not really wide enough to help shield her totally or the shopper. As I am an asthmatic I was quite concerned. I hesitated not knowing what to do but I finally spoke up and ask her in a kind way if she could properly pull her mask over her nose. A nice oriental man employee came over with another cart and helped load my checked out items into the cart since my cart was totally full. He was very polite and was masked correctly. I had actually come to the Altoona Big Lot store to pick up an item I had ordered on line. The item was out stock at our local Big Lots store. So this was an hour drive to the Altoona Big Lots store. I was sent a 15% off coupon which needed to be used on Thanksgiving day and since I needed to pick up the online order I decided to make the trip on Thanksgiving. I also wanted to take advantage of you 25% off on Christmas items. Well by this time at check out the young lady had apparently rang up all my items. She had at no time ask me for my Big Lots Rewards Card. So I asked her if the register automatically took off the 15%. Since there were signs throughout the store announcing the 15% off. She said I needed a coupon. I said I had one and produced it which had my rewards number on it. This started a chain reaction. She called a black girl over to take care of getting me the 15% off. Well apparently she did something wrong. This young lady was also wearing her mask well below her nose. Also by this time the first young lady was also back to her mask being well below her nose. She then called a man over named Larry. He was looking over the situation. I ask him if y was also getting the $10.00 off of a purchase of $40.00. He told me I needed a coupon. I said I had gotten a couple of coupons for purchases I had made at my local Big Lots in State College, Pa. I proceeded to look for the coupon and found one that had expired on 10/31/20. Then I remembered I put my last purchase receipt in the bag with van item I was returning to State College, Pa. Big Lots which of course was at home which was an hours drive. By this time there were other customers behind me waiting to check out and it was 1:00 pm which was closing time on Thanksgiving day. So he told me I would need to wait while these customers were checked out through my register even though there was another register open.
    Finally after all that he and the first young lady tried to get this figured out. The end result I was given some sort of refund receipt which I’m not sure is even right. With no receipt showing I purchased the items. God help me if anything needs to be returned. Also this man was wearing a mask but it was an unusual looking. It was a triangular mask that covered his nose but hung down and was open at the bottom. The oriental gentleman. Who was leaving for the day offered to help me to my car. Needless to say I will never shop at this Big Lots store again!


  74. My cashier was JENNIFER, who was a delight. Friendly with her mask properly on her face. The other cashier, a tall man with his mask pulled down. When waved me forward, I declined and said that I would wait for the young lady with her mask on properly. He said, Oh I can pull it up! I replied, I will wait!

  75. Hola desde que entre a la tienda de biglots por primera vez quedé encantada por sus bajos precios y la buena calidad de los artículos seguirá siendo mi tienda favorita

  76. I had a great experienced recently at the local Big Lots Store. The staff was helpful and pleasant to deal with in questions and helping me at checkout

  77. Purchase was made at Big Lots Store #5258 on 08/04/2020. I frequently visit the store and can always easily find items I need. I love everything about the store(s), especially the household decorations both internal and external furnishings. Cashiers are always very friendly and polite. Stores are always clean including the rest rooms. Also, there is always ample parking. I find items in Big Lots that I am unable to find elsewhere. I am definitely fond of the section displaying bath items and skin care. Overall I just totally love Big Lot Stores

  78. The make checkout person was kind, generous, personable, helpful and courteous. A pleasant experience.

  79. On Sunday 06/07/20, when I visited Big Lots at Store #5251, my first interaction was with “Troy” who approached me first as I stood in the furniture section. He checked the availability of a table set that I was originally interested in, but then advised me that the table set would not fit in my car, saving me valuable time in trial and error, (honestly, I had truly planned to try it). Required to check on other things; Troy then passed the baton to another sales rep “Laura” who was then able to cross the finish line with me in finally purchasing my dinner table after waiting to find one I could afford for over a year and a half. Thanks Big Lots, teamwork does make a difference!

  80. On Sunday 06/07/20, I visited Big Lots at Store #5251, my sales person was “Laura” who sold me a fantastic dinner table, one that I really enjoy having. Laura has always been conscious of how she interacts with her customer’s and is very polite and personable. Thank you Big Lots for hiring such a responsible person.

  81. My purchase was at the Big Lots Store #5400 in Hermitage, PA. Tara was my sales person. She was very personable and informative. She didn’t rush me through the line and was able to answer any questions that I had. Excellent representative of Big Lots.

  82. The only problem that I have with big lots at this time is with this pandemic going around that you guys don’t protect your cashiers employees, and your customers that walk in the door! I think everyone should come in that store should have a mask on to protect and be considerate of other people.
    Store address 2154 Fort Worth Ave., Dallas, TX 75 211
    For all of your establishments

  83. My cashier was very friendly and polite! Spoke where I could hear and understand him. I enjoy shopping at Big Lots!!

  84. Employers very helpful and welcoming. Wish you could access your coupons by phone number on your rewards card. Have missed out on 20% off purchase because phone battery died while trying to scan coupon on phone.

  85. Associate Yvonne was very helpful warm and inviting smile. Helped me and didn’t seemed bothered by all my question will definitely come back to her line