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The Best of Kume Island

Kume Island has a lot to see and do for a wide mix of interests. Here’s a list of my favorite places around kume island. Don’t miss them!

  • Museum

    Cultural Center and Museum

    Kumejima’s Cultural Center holds a muesum full of artifacts and information from Kumejima’s long history. It also houses a archival libarary and interesting sites around the ground.

  • Gushikawa Castle

    Gushikawa Castle Ruins

    The Gushikawa Castle Ruins overlook the East China Sea from the top of a cliff. Built in the 15th century from Andesite and Limestone, this site is a National Cultural Treasure. The ruins are located on the north-west corner of the island.

  • Tsumugi Pavilion

    Tsumugi Weaving Pavilion

    The Yuimaru-kan is the center of Kumejima’s traditional pongee silk weaving and includes a museum, demonstrations, and more.

  • Uezu House Front

    Uezu Historic House

    The house of a former Magiri (district) governor during the Ryukyu Kingdom, the beautifully preserved wooden house demonstrates tradition and style all at once.

  • Yachimun Bottles

    Yachimun Shisa Gallery and Studio

    Make your own handmade shisha from locally produced clay, get one of the best views of Hateno Beach or buy one of the great pieces in the gallery.

  • Yajiyagama Caves

    Yajiyagama Cave

    One of my favorite places on Kumejima, the Yajiyagama caves provide both interesting natural formations and a look into Kumejima’s past.