Best Places to Eat, Drink & Have Fun In Las Vegas

Have Fun In Las Vegas

Lights & Glamour-Las Vegas holds the reputation as the Entertainment Capital of the World. Approximately 42.5-million people travel to the city annually, making it rank fifth for tourism.

As of today, Las Vegas houses 5600+ restaurants, 144+ casinos, 150,000+ hotel rooms, and many other amazing attractions. The exciting nightlife of the city involves singing, partying, and having endless fun. 

Not a single tourist can feel bored when in Vegas. There is something for everyone. And, well, if you’re a gambler and spend a lot of time on websites like Luckyniki, then you’re going to have real fun at the place!

So, do you wish to travel to this city of lights and glamour? Don’t miss out on these best places to eat, drink, and have fun!

BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark

Have you ever heard about dining in the dark? Well, Las Vegas presents you with the first-ever sensory dining experience.

The BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark is present at the Valley View Business park. Once inside the restaurant, the highly skilled staff guides you to your reserved dining spot. Remember, there will be total darkness!

As you seat yourself in the relaxing yet dark environment, the night-vision goggles-equipped staff will offer you a 7-course meal. From soup to dessert, you will get served a mysterious dish at each stage. You’ll have to rely on your senses (except for sight) to eat and drink.

When done, the staff will guide you to the only lit room where the menu gets revealed. It is an exciting and unique way to eat. And, certainly a must-try!  

Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen

Everyone knows about the legendary chef; Gordon Ramsay!

Luckily, if you’re in Vegas, you can get a chance to dine at his popular Hell’s kitchen located in front of Caesar’s Palace. The inside of the restaurant is a replica of the globally famous show Hell’s kitchen, released back in 2005. The chefs will be preparing food right in front of you. So, it will feel like you’re inside the show.

But, unlike the show, you will get to taste heavenly food too!

Hell’s Kitchen also features luxurious decor and floor-to-ceiling windows to add to the experience. The restaurant seats around 300-guests. Since it gets filled up easily, you will have to reserve your spot beforehand.

Margaritaville Restaurant

All blues & yellows-the Margaritaville Restaurant gives you that island, beachy vibes. The interior and concept of the restaurant have their inspiration from Jimmy Buffet’s music and Parrot-head life. 

The place has a lively and vibrant atmosphere, bound to uplift anyone’s mood. You can visit the place with friends, family, and relatives. The three-level restaurant occupies 12,000-square feet of Las Vegas. So, expect it to be huge!

Margaritaville has a lavish menu with mouthwatering classics from loaded cheeseburgers to homemade key lime pies. There are also six bars to enjoy all kinds of innovative margaritas and drinks. On Fridays and Saturdays, you will find live entertainment too.

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