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Did you know that AutoZone has been tirelessly working in the business since 1979? The company was a pioneer of many things regarding vehicle care, which is why it is trusted by everyone in the country even today. If you are looking for vehicle parts and accessories, the first name that comes to mind has to be AutoZone. So why not help them out a bit and automatically get signed up for a lucky draw in the process?

Presenting the AutoZoneCares survey – a unique opportunity for anyone who has visited an AutoZone store in the recent past! It is basically an online questionnaire that you need to fill. It will barely take you more than 10 minutes to complete. And for those 10 minutes spent on the AutoZone survey, you will stand a chance to win a cash prize of $5000!

How much does a regular US citizen rely on AutoZone? Quite a bit, we would say! Whenever your vehicle breaks down due to a faulty part, you immediately rush to a nearby AutoZone store to buy a new one. But as much as you need the services of the company, AutoZone needs you more to keep the business running strong. That is exactly the reason why they have decided to locate the discrepancies in each of their outlets and resolve them. And what better way to do that with an AutoZone Survey!

They have aptly named the survey AutoZoneCares, since they are going all out to make your visit to their outlet comfortable and efficient. All the customer has to do is fill out the questionnaire with the appropriate answers and describe their visit to the store in brief. Write down any complaints or suggestions you may have regarding the workings of the store in the comments section at And for your time and trouble, they are giving away a grand prize of $5000 to four lucky entrants.

Why AutoZoneCares Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Here’s a small observation for you. Almost every vehicle owner in the country must have, at least once, visited an AutoZone outlet. The company is one of the finest parts and accessories manufacturers out there after all! There is also no denying the fact that AutoZone sells almost anything and everything pertaining to vehicle parts and accessories. So why not log on to the AutoZoneCares website and do your bit for the company?

It will only take a few minutes to complete the AutoZone survey, and you don’t even have to do it free of cost! After taking the survey, you will be immediately entered into a draw and stand a good chance to win $5000! And here’s the added benefit. Your suggestions to improve the store facilities, services, products or ambience will be implemented if found valid and appropriate.

Win cash prize of $5,000 in AutoZone Survey:

It is not every day that you are entered into a draw as big as that of AutoZoneCares. $5000 is a pretty huge amount after all! However, there are a few conditions that you need to meet before you will be able to submit the survey and enter the contest.

Survey Requirements

  • You need to be a citizen of the US, District of Columbia or Puerto Rico to gain entry into the sweepstakes. Citizens of other countries may be able to take the AutoZone survey but won’t be considered for the grand prize.
  • The minimum age of entry is set at 21.
  • You can either answer the online questionnaire at or take the survey verbally over the phone. Alternatively, you can even send your answers via email. However, regular mail entries will not be considered for the sweepstakes.
  • You should be able to understand either English or Spanish to take the survey. Unfortunately, the AutoZone survey is not available in any more language at this moment.

Survey Restrictions

  • Any employees or investors of AutoZone, or their immediate families, are not allowed to take the survey. That is because they might have a biased opinion of the outlet.
  • Your name won’t be listed in the sweepstakes if you do not possess the most recent AutoZone receipt. However, AutoZoneCares would not mind hearing the nature of your visit without a receipt and sans the draw.
  • No two people can enter the draw from the same receipt. Similarly, you cannot take the AutoZone survey twice from different receipts. Doing so will result in an immediate ban.
  • You cannot transfer the prize money to anyone else. Doing so is illegal and may even result in long-term incarceration.

Survey Participation Instructions

  • Type this web address in your browser – Alternatively, you can simply click on the link.
  • Select the language that you would like to take the survey in.
  • Make sure that you are actually eligible before clicking on the option: ‘I am eligible for the drawing and would like to enter the sweepstakes’, on the page that follows. Read through the official rules of the sweepstakes once if you are unsure.
  • Check out your most recent receipt and locate the reference number on it (it is usually found at the bottom). Enter this number in the boxes on the following page.
  • Answer the AutoZone survey questions. Think about your experience for a bit before selecting the options.
  • Once you fill out the questionnaire, submit your personal details which will be used to determine the prize winner. That’s it!

About AutoZone:

AutoZone officially started in 1979 under the name Auto Shack, its owners, Malone & Hyde, were already running a successful wholesale grocery business. However, Auto Shack was such a huge success that they sold the grocery operation and started focusing entirely on automotive parts and accessories. Since the name was similar to the electronics giant back then, Radio Shack, they had to change it to AutoZone. But that barely affected their sales. In fact, in the early 1980s, they had already opened over 70 stores in 7 different states, each running as smoothly as the other. Today, the number of stores has risen to a staggering 6300! That is why they need help in managing so many stores across the US. So, take the AutoZoneCares survey and aid the company in servicing their clients better!

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56 thoughts on “ – AutoZone Survey”

  1. I tried to use my bonus points .the uniondale store said it wasn’t in the computer but it was on my receipt

  2. The auto zone located on dequinder and 13 mile road in Warren MI has been nothing but kind respectful and reliable individuals whom work there. I have never encountered any disrespect from any of the autozone members. They all make you feel very welcome when you enter the store

  3. Would like to thank store #1457 Baytown tx for all the help. Tried do do survey but could not figure it out. Thank you again for the great service. I will be back. AA ref#14576574242112104

  4. The AutoZone in Zebulon nc is B’s I got my receipt an everything they gone tell me I can get an exchange or refund I will not go back to that store they bs

  5. I bought a part from them the other day an I got a year warrant on it they gone tell me I can’t bring it back to exchange or a refund an I got my receipt

  6. Outstanding customer service by two awesome male employees working Halloween night at the Combs Autozone in San Tan Valley. Extremely helpful made our night of having to fix and buy a new battery for our car less stressful. Thank you for those two employees who made us laugh through it all..
    A loyal customer for life!

  7. Oh My Goodness, I was just at the Autozone at 2060 Gatlin Blvd in Port Saint Lucie to get a new headlight build and that’s the best customer service I ever had Steve P, assisted me and he was phenomenal, very professional and he did what needed to be done to get the job done, he deserves a raise..Thank You so much Steve P, great worker autozone.

  8. I absolutely always go to the auto zone on south 6th in Springfield, Il, with any concerns or problems. Always great service and knowledgeable, very professional and friendly. Big kudos and hugs to these guys. Ryan had my key fob battery replaced in no time. I tell everyone go to auto zone.

  9. I like the products and the personnel I deal with at my local Autozone, but trying to get a rebate form and/or email is, to say the least, very difficult if you can even find the correct website. Then trying to jump thru hoops to get it emailed back to autozone. Try to find their email address, if it exists. Good Luck. I think they need not a little help in IT but a lot of help in IT.

  10. My husband. and. I went to Autozone in Rialto CA located on Riverside when I say this night crew exceeded my. expectations is an understatement. Store. was. closing. at. 10p I knew. replacing the. battery would. take us awhile the manager Juan (J.T.) repeatedly told. us to not worry. about the time they want. us to be safe of. course. we went. past. 10p team came. out with flash lights and. additional tools. Team they were. really. patient and. empathazied with. our. concerns. Even though their shift. was well past. over they would not leave us in the. parking lot until they ensured. the. battery was installed correctly and the. car. started with no problems. This team is the true defintion of customer service I will like for them to be recongized J.T. ,Angel,Luz,Luke.

  11. Great store in Conway Arkansas on Oak street. Jeremey was a great help in getting my headlight bulb changed out on the evening of September 21st. He is a persistent man and is a great reflection of the Autozone company. I’ll return to this store just because of him. Thanks Jeremey and Oak street Autozone! Gary Khoury

  12. Service pleasant & knowledgeable. Jeremy helped me change my drivers license light since I didn’t know how to do it myself. This was at the Ventnor N.J. Autozone. Will definitely recommend to my friends

  13. I shop at Clinton MO. 64735 location you have the best, friendly people working there. I never leave that store disappointed. Our area has public boat ramps, off road bike tracks. In my town there is so many off roads. I don’t understand why your stores don’t carry accessories for off roads, like rear view mirror’s, side mirror’s,

  14. I Needed to have the machine put on my car due to engine light suddenly going on! I went to the Manitowoc, wi. Store and Paul was awesome I have Major health issues so he wore a mask and we did the social distancing! He was quick and efficient with excellent customer service skills!! I see a future manager or even a future General Manager! I was a retail manager for years and I would of hired him! Thank You Paul!!!

  15. I wanted thank Brian Gonzalez the Auto Zone Store manager here in Jupiter, Florida for being so helpful and knowledgeable about the LED retrofit available for my new 2021 Honda CRV LX. He recommended the Sylvania LED H11 replacement for my halogen projector headlights and they worked flawlessly with a very wide and bright beam spread and the 6000 Kevin color bulb.
    I’d like to thank him for his patience, helpfulness and courtesies while changing the bulbs for me in the Store parking lot. So kind of him to do so.
    He is a tremendous asset to Auto Zone and a Blessing to those he serves.
    I can’t thank him enough for his assistance and patience with me during my visit.
    Best regards,
    Bob Davis

  16. I did the survey, but Im sure I did not get registered to win the moola…no Ref #requested. So, am redoing the survey again to try to sign up this next time.

  17. I have been dealing with Autozone since de year of 1982, and I have not any trouble in locating any of the store, and I am very happy with the results of the parts purchase in the stores.

  18. Going to AutoZone is like visiting my favorite garage. The sales assistance are always cheerful and ready to help me. Thank you Statesville Autozone Northcross Shopping Plaza

  19. I was able to take the survey–but was never asked for my phone number or email, so I guess I can’t win. I just got dumped into the AutoZone home page.

  20. The cost for parts are better than others shops. Also got better deal with five points will receive $20.00 in credit for purchased their parts.

  21. I don’t know about other auto z0ne but the one in Durham on University is the best. the answay phone within 2-4 ring and always make sure the get the best things for their customers. I love that place. and we should appreciate them for working hard in this pandemic.

  22. I like auto zone as I have used them in about 2000 when the Whitehall ohio opened. I buy my parts from AUTO ZONE when needed, I have had new autos as of 2013 , my 2013 kia was totaled in Feb 2020 . I now have a lease truck , if it needs a light,windshield cover or something else I get a better price at the Zone.

  23. I went to my local autozone for supplies on veterans day. Being a disabled combat veteran / retired military I show my ID and ask again for the military discount. Im looking at my receipt and see no military discount applied…. on vterans day… why do i have to ask every time i go to the counter? I have been a patron of Autozone since 1982….
    I will be a combat vet / retired military until i die. Dissppointed veteran.

  24. I just tried for the 3rd time! Still would not let me choose an option! I will TRY calling the survey in this time!

  25. I finally found the survey but it would NOT let me click on either option; saying I AM Eligible(which I am) or Not eligible. So very frustrating. I will TRY for a second time.

  26. Auto Zone has been alwaysssssss available regardless where I relocate in the city I reside (El Paso,Texas). Knowledgeable, Professionals 2 A Tee. Thanks 😊 Auto Zone.

  27. I never tried so hard to compliment a store for a job well done!! They Survey never appeared, kept on going to other surveys. The store, in Chantilly, VA, Eastern Market, did an awesome job helping me. The only downside is the survey didnt appear to let me tell the Corporate Office.

    1. I have tried 3 times. I found where I could enter but would not let me hit an option saying I Am Eligible. It’s very disappointing. Hope you have better luck.

  28. As always, the staff at AutoZone 4886, Southport, NC, are always courteous, professional and friendly. From installing batteries to windshield wipers, on our vehicles; or showing me how to buff out a scratch on my fender, Christy, Jet, John, et al.,are the best. Thanks!

  29. I visited the AutoZone store this morning. As usual, I was greeted and waited on very promptly and courteously. I needed a new battery and your employee got it for me and took it out to the car and installed it. He was very pleasant and helpful, and it was a delight to do business with him.

  30. I love shop for my car parts and accessories at autozone..aside that the store is very accesable from my home,the associates are friendly and very helpfull to thier costumer….

    1. I too could not figure out how to take the survey which was very disappointing. I read all the rules & everything above but it would NEVER take me to the survey.

  31. Hey guys thank you so much for the good satisfying service of the creww at plaza blvrd national city ca
    God Bless