Uezu area

Uezu Area Map

Uezu is part of what used to be the Gushikawa Magiri (district) during the Ryukyu Kingdom. Today it is a highly populated area centered on Otake Mountain and forms. Many families live in this area leading to many events and facilities.

What to See

Ancient Pine

Ancient Five-root Tree

This Ancient pine has stood on Kumejima for over a hundred years. Five root clusters support this iconically shaped tree.

Uezu Historic House

Uezu House Front

The house of a former Magiri (district) governor during the Ryukyu Kingdom, the beautifully preserved wooden house demonstrates tradition and style all at once.

Ghost Road

Ghost Road

The Ghost/Magnetic road in the Uezu Area will mystify and astound. Take a drive and you might catch a glance of the supernatural.

Where to Eat

Arizona Cafe

Arizona Cafe Front

Arizona Cafe is a burger joint with everything from fries to shakes.

Haifan Chinese restaurant

Haifan Front

Haifan is a large Chinese style restaurant serving a wide selection of favorites including great lunch sets.