Uegusuku Area Map

The Uegusuku Area, named for Kume Island’s tallest mountain is mostly open farmland and the slopes of the mountain which are set aside as a nature preserve. On top of Uegusuku mountain is a Japanese Self Defense Force radar station.

Things to See

Tachijami Rock Wall

Tachijiami Rock

Tachijami Rock Wall is a towering yet lonely rock wall on Kumejima’s North Shore. Part of the Tachijami Nature Park.

Uegusuku Castle Ruins

Uegusuku Castle Peak

Uegusuku Castle is located at the highest elevation in Okinawa (310meters). The castle ruins include three main areas. From the first enclosure, one can see nearly the entirety of Kume Island as well as Tonaki, Aguni, and the Kerama Islands.