Oo area

Oo Area Map

Oo is a small island just off the main Kume Island and is connected by a small bridge. Though small there’s a lot to see and do.

What to See

Bade Haus Kumejima

Bade Haus Front

Bade Haus is a mineral spa and onsen located on Oo Island and featuring Deep Sea Water.

Tatami Rocks

Tatami Rocks

The Tatami Rocks are located on Oo Island and were formed by years of tectonic and volcanic activity many hundreds of years ago. Don’t miss their unique shapes. White sand beaches stretch from both ends of the area as well. A great place for swimming.

Sea Turtle House

Turtle Hous

Also located on Oo Island is a small museum and aquarium devoted to the sea turtles of Kume Island. In addition to information on the turtles it is the base of conservation activity.

Where to Stay

Oo Island Campground

Next to Bade Haus is a large campground with facilities and event area. The campground has many areas among the trees between the beautiful Oo Island beach and open grass areas.

Where to Eat

Rest House at Tatami Rocks

Traditional Okinawan fare in the relaxing atmosphere of Oo Island. Have a beautiful meal before relaxing at Bade Haus.