Ohara Area Map

Ohara is a large plane on the west end of Kume Island. It is mostly full of farms and fields due to the flat elevation that provides for easy harvesting. Before cultivation, it was mostly wetlands.

Places to See

  • Kumejima AirportKumejima Airport

    Kumejima Airport is on the extreme west end of Kume Island. UEO is the airport code. Within are several stores and a restaurant.

  • Firefly DomeFirefly Dome

    The firefly dome is a multi-purpose sports facility with wieghts, batting nets, and fake turf.

  • Kumejima Baseball Stadium

    Kumejima's baseball stadium hosts the Rakuten Eagles during their spring training.

  • Yajiyagama CavesYajiyagama Cave

    One of my favorite places on Kumejima, the Yajiyagama caves provide both interesting natural formations and a look into Kumejima's past.

Where to Stay

  • Cypress Resort Hotel

    (Airport) Cypress Resort is the premier luxury hotel on Kumejima. When the Emperor Visited, this is where they prepared rooms for him. Cypress is located near the airport in the western part of Kume Island.