Madomari area

Madomari is the easternmost area of Kume Island, and the home of the old ferry terminal. Now, Madomari port is only a fishing port, thought there are a few factories in the area as well.

Sights to See


The Giant Cycad of Une is a Prefecutral Natural Monument. Located within a private residence along the road between Madomari port and Maja.


The Hokadai, or Sonami Beacon was an ancient signaling device. It’s foundation is atop the most eastern area of the island.

Namida Rock

Namida Tear

Namida Rock is a stone at the edge of a clearing. It provides a great view of the north shore.

Nakahara’s Birthplace

The birthplace of Nakahara Zenchu is currently under restoration.

Tomari Port

Going to Hateno Beach? Tomari port is between the bridge to Oo Island and the Nakazato Sports Ground.