Madomari area

Madomari Area Map
Madomari is the easternmost area of Kume Island, and the home of the old ferry terminal. Now, Madomari port is only a fishing port, thought there are a few factories in the area as well.

Sights to See

  • Sonami BeaconCycads The Giant Cycad of Une is a Prefecutral Natural Monument. Located within a private residence along the road between Madomari port and Maja.
  • Sonami BeaconHokadai The Hokadai, or Sonami Beacon was an ancient signaling device. It's foundation is atop the most eastern area of the island.
  • Namida TearNamida Rock Namida Rock is a stone at the edge of a clearing. It provides a great view of the north shore.
  • Nakahara ZenchuNakahara's Birthplace The birthplace of Nakahara Zenchu is currently under restoration.
  • Tomari PortTomari Port Going to Hateno Beach? Tomari port is between the bridge to Oo Island and the Nakazato Sports Ground.