Places to See

  • Kumejima's Cultural Center holds a muesum full of artifacts and information from Kumejima's long history. It also houses a archival libarary and interesting sites around the ground.
  • Firefly PavilionFirefly PavilionThe Firefly Pavilion doubles as research station and museum, presenting vistors with a look at the wildlife of Kumejima as they work to secure the future of multiple species.
  • Services

  • Kumejima HospitalKume Island HospitalThe Kume Island Hospital is located just behind the Cultural Center in the north part of the Kanegusuku Area.
  • Kanegusuku Port serves as the ferry terminal for Kume Island.
  • Where to Stay

  • Hotel Garden HillsA budget hotel within easy walking distance of the Ferry Port in the Kanegusuku neighborhood.