Aka area

The Aka Area is named for a village that used to be located near the water. Several hundred years ago, a large tsunami forced the villagers to move to the top of the cliffs. Today the Epoch Tiger Prawn farm, tropical fish pools and a few fields are all that lie at the bottom of the cliffs.

Things to See

Kuruma Prawns

Kuruma Prawns

Kuruma Prawns are the prized shrimp sold live throughout Japan from Kume Island. Four prawn farms and the Okinawa Prawn Hatchery grow Kume Island Kuruma Prawns.

Aka Waterfall

Aka Falls

The unique natural phenomena is hard to catch, but well worth the sight. During periods of strong north wind, the falls flow up, and look like an old man’s beard.

Black Rock Forest

Black Rock Forest is in the Northeast part of the island. This hidden spot is a great place to rest or gaze out on the north sea.

Shita Aka

One of Kume Island’s lost villages can be found at the base of the Hiyajo Cliffs. The abandoned village’s ancient paths and walls are still present.